11-28-19 Happy Thanksgiving! (Thursday)

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Happy Thanksgiving Americans – and Happy Thursday to the rest of you! I hope wherever you are, your day is full of lots of love, food, and a good ol’ afternoon nap. I’m thankful for every last one of you.

Khal looks angry, but I swear he was purring like crazy. I SWEAR IT.


Throw Back Thursday.

“Are you sure they said 11:00? I don’t see anything in there but a roasting pan. Are we too early?”

(That picture was taken back in 2009, the first and last year we ever raised turkeys. I always say that God created chickens and then he said “Huh. I wonder if I could make something dumber than a chicken” and he did.)


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11-28-19 Happy Thanksgiving! (Thursday) — 12 Comments

  1. Yes, and a very happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US from Malcolm and I here in Canada!

    I have the sweet face of Khal Drogo to make me happy (and your hilarious 2014 post title above in the “Previously”…!)

  2. WOW! Three days in a row with Khal! Ya know, cats don’t only purr because they’re happy…let’s just say Khal was a little stressed. 😉

    Turkeys are not dumb, they just see the best in every situation and happen to be very naive when it comes to human intentions. 🙂 (Great pic and caption, BTW)

    Happy Tofurky/Turkey Day to everyone (including you, Robyn)! It’s such fun to see what pics you show and what the peanut gallery has to say about it.

  3. I so enjoy seeing that turkey pic & caption resurface each year. It’s so great and gives me a chuckle every time. Happy Feast-til-you-Bust Day!

  4. That turkey hat is spectacular! Did Fred make it? I always love your witty captions.

    • Fred didn’t make that hat – he doesn’t follow patterns and basically refuses to make anything I ask him to because he is MEAN. 🙂 (I got the hat from an Etsy store.)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Fred and all the Shady Cove Gang! Very thankful for you and all you do! BTW, will the kitties get any special treats today? I know that chicken has ‘fallen from the sky’ once… wonders never cease… will turkey fall from the sky? Happy Thanksgiving to all ‘state side’ L&H!

  6. Khal is plotting your demise even now, Hooman! Love the turkeys! We raised a couple and named them Thanksgiving and Christmas. After we butchered T-giving, now one would eat it so Christmas lived to an old age.