11-26-20 Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the U.S. Happy Thursday if you’re not!



We are kitten sitting for Lexi, another foster mom who also happens to be my neighbor, through the weekend. And ohhhh are they CUTE.

They’re not named yet – Lexi’s waiting for their personalities to emerge before she decides – so for now they’re Orange (back) and Tan. They’re boys, about 4 weeks old, and just cute as a button. They’re pretty good at using the litter box and are eating GREAT on their own.

Orange likes to climb up me until he’s in kissing range, and then he purrs while I kiss him.

Tan likes to roll around in my lap and purr, but will accept kisses.

Orange has a little bit of attitude.

Tan regards the world with goggle-eyed amazement.

Fred – who finds kittens this age to be boring – looked at them yesterday and said “Wow, we haven’t had kittens this tiny in a LONG time!”

Well, no. Not since February when Isabella had Los Mewchachos. 9 months in 2020 is roughly equal to a decade, so he’s got a point.


Have I mentioned that the kittens really like that basket? True story!

Pretzel and Davy Crockett are all “What DOIN’, Weird Lady?”

French Fry sure does love the Tiny Basket.

Tater Tot’s lookin’ guilty.

The crown is overflowing!

Oh, hey. They like that basket! I keep forgetting to tell y’all.

There was a leaf flapping around in a spider web, and it had Calamity Jane’s and Onion Ring’s attention for a long time.

Oh, that girl. Is she fabulous, or is she fabulous?


Candy Apple and Calamity Jane are seriously CUTE.


“Gobble gobble.” (I cannot believe it’s been 5 years since I took that picture. I still think of Archie as the new guy, but he’s actually been with us for SIX years, since he showed up in November 2014. Holy cow!)


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11-26-20 Happy Thanksgiving! — 12 Comments

  1. Lol, Archie! I love that picture.

    Would you look at their fuzzy little nugget heads?! And how sweet are Candy Apple and Calamity Jane sharing the throne…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your U.S. readers, family and friends!

  2. I love your blog! Thank you for so many wonderful activities your kittens/cats get involved in!

  3. Too late, we’re attached.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the permanent residence and all the fosters and semi fosters and of course Fred. It’s been a tough year but I hope we all realize what we have to be thankful for have a wonderful day!

  4. Not get attached? You’ve met us, right?! I think you should deputize Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday as the Tender Vittles (although The Deep-Fried Twinkies also seems apropos for the lil ornjies).

    For real, though, a big heartfelt THANK YOU to you and Fred for all you do, and your generosity in sharing it all with us!

  5. Thank you Robyn for making a cold and windy Thanksgiving day in No. Calif. SUPER SWEET. I wish you and Fred a Thanksgiving filled with love, peace and a lap full of the cutest kittens ever !!


  6. A nugget of philosophy keeps coming to me when I hear people talk about how awful 2020 is. 2020 is 525,600 minutes. Nothing more, nothing less. Anything else it is, or is not, is in our minds.

    Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we respond.

    We are free to choose.

    Happy Thanksgiving, those of you who celebrate!