10-26-20 Monday

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Davy Crockett’s intense little face kills me dead.

Apparently Snowcone needed a hug, and Eclair was just the girl for the job.

Candy Apple has a think.

Candy Apple, Buffalo Bill (and Wild Bill’s behind) snoozing in my lap.

Princess Annie Oakley. (That bed’s seen some better days. I had to wash it last week, and that made the back start flooping downward.)

Buffalo Bill really likes that basket.

Wild Bill’s got something to say, and Candy Apple is clearly thinking “Yeah. Fascinating, dude.”

Onion Ring has discovered the pie plate (and I only know that’s Onion Ring because I can see his collar reflected in the window) and Davy Crockett hanging out in the best basket ever.

Snowcone, Calamity Jane, and Candy Apple in my lap.

Pretzel is all “LADY. Gets over here, we needs a snuggle!”

Tater Tot, Annie Oakley and Onion Ring love that Ham-mick.

As do Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, and Hush Puppy.


The leaves are coming down in the back yard, and it’s starting to look like fall!

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10-26-20 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. Wow, good job getting all the fosters on the side banner. Thanks for making my morning with great kitty (and other critter) pics.

  2. I’ve noticed that Funnel Cake (the orange one) is hardly ever “featured” in your posts. Is there a reason for that? (I know there are 15 you have to put in your posts, but some get more photos than others which I understand. But how will Funnel Cake get noticed so he/she can be adopted? Sorry, I don’t mean to complain but I worry about that.)

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