1-7-20 Tuesday

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It’s a grumpy box o’ Old Man Newtles. He’d like you kids to get off his ding-dang lawn.

Khal’s been sleeping with me every night lately. In fact, not only does he sleep with me, he sleeps pressed right up against me. Who knows how long it’ll last? I’ll enjoy it while it does.

Archie, Frankie, and Newt (who’s kind of blending into the floor) are waiting (im)patiently for their evening treats.


Meet Little Pete, our friendly backyard possum. Fred puts food out for them every night at dark. I buy whatever fruit is on sale that week for the possums. They’ll eat just about anything we leave for them, but I think they’re getting tired of apples. (There’s also a Big Pete, not in this picture.)

The day after Christmas, I made a turkey and rice casserole with left over turkey; it’s one of our favorite meals. Unfortunately instead of buying a box of regular turkey or chicken stuffing at Aldi, I bought a box of stuffing made from Hawaiian rolls, and although I was sure it was going to be awesome, it was really really gross. Neither of us liked it, but Little Pete certainly did.


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1-7-20 Tuesday — 14 Comments

  1. I see Little Pete’s got the ol’ “gonna plant my front paws in the dish and mess up my feets and the deck cuz that’s how I roll” move down pat.

  2. I have a couple of possums at my house that are so fat from eating up all my cats food that they waddle when they walk.

  3. I didn’t know that Aldi is in the US too. I thought it was only in Germany. Thanks for letting me know 🙂 By the way, the possums are sooooo cute. Were there any adoptions over the weekend? Happy New year to you, Fred, the permanent residents and the possums

    • We have 2 Aldis in the Huntsville area that I know of. The food is not exactly the same as in Germany but the ambiance certainly is. When I go there it feels just like I am home.

  4. This time of year, my cat cuddles with me almost every night. Then once it warms up she doesn’t even bother to come upstairs while I’m sleeping…

  5. We have possums that come to our front porch. We give them the cat food our cats decide they don’t want to eat, because they are spoiled rotten.

  6. Archie will gladly remind you where the treat jar is on that table, in case you forgot!

    I love love love possums (they are such amazing critters!) and your Little Pete is now Little Sweet-Pete in my head and I hope we get to see more of him! 😀

  7. I love possums! They don’t come around my yard here in Iowa (and since I live in a townhouse, I’m thinking my neighbors wouldn’t appreciate me trying to attract them!), but I had a family that visited me regularly in San Antonio.

    And Archie kind of blended in with the lamp for me!

  8. Aw I love Little Pete! Possums love bananas, so you could try those on him. I used to volunteer at a wildlife rescue center and we had many, many possums, esp. during baby season. They all absolutely loved bananas, and it’s so cute to see them holding mushy banana in their little paws and munching away.