6-7-18 Thursday

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Note: I am going out of town (leaving today) and won’t be back for several days. There will be a new post up tomorrow morning, but I am taking next week off from blogging. The next new blog post (after tomorrow) will be on June 18th. However, there will be 4 posts (sometimes more) every day on Instagram (which will be shared to Facebook and Tumblr) of the kittens.


Look who it is!

Sisters Phoenix and Stardust hanging out together, all comfy and up in each others’ space. How adorable are they?

(Thanks, Debra!)


Oksana and Brian Boitano. You can’t tell it from this picture (and because of the floof), but he actually weighs more than she does!

Oh, that Tessa. She sure does need herself a kiss.


Ohno and Tessa from above.

“Pardon me, lady, has you heard anything about any toes?”

Tessa, appalled.

I’m surprised those whiskers even fit under that scratcher.

“Mama says I should tell the weird lady to go away. We is having mother-daughter bonding time.”

“What you lookin’ at?”

“Oh, her. Yeah, she’s weird.”

Ohno was laying in my lap getting her chin rubbed when Debi came along to give her the ol’ smackeroo.


Oh, that Khal. He sure is a pretty one.


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