10-4-17 Wednesday

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Today, Mercury’s Missions are EIGHT weeks old! Time flies, doesn’t it?

Here are their progression pictures.

And here’s what they look like when I’m whipping a feather toy around, trying to get them to pose for me.






Mercury was twining around Fred’s feet while he was holding the kittens for me, and he decided she needed to get in on the action.

If this look doesn’t say “What fresh Hell is this?”…

This one certainly does!

Four of the five at the milk bar – Aurora was on the cat tree snoozing.

How about some eyeballs?

Aurora’s still got a bit of blue, but hers are now mostly green.

Hubble wouldn’t get both of his eyeballs in the sun for me (brat), but you can see that he’s got a lot of blue-green, with some gold-brown moving outward from the pupil in a starburst pattern.

Phoenix seems to be sticking with this greenish-brown color.

Stardust has a bit of blue-green around the outside, but her eye color is pretty close to Phoenix’s.

Telstar’s eyes are pretty cool looking – brown-green in the middle, green outward from that, and then still some blue around the edges.


I probably should have just waited until they were headed off to Petsmart to do this, but I got the idea in my head yesterday and just had to do it. Each kitten has their own video with their newborn through 8 week pictures dissolving into the next picture. I think it’s kind of neat.

YouTube link

YouTube link

YouTube link

YouTube link

YouTube link


These pictures were taken back in February, when Frankie was starting to feel better and wanted to check out the back yard. I love the swirls on his side.

Back when he had teef.


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