8-2-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Winter in the pie plate. She really loves hanging out there in the rare time when she isn’t racing around like a floofy little crazy thing.

Porthos would like you to know that pink suits him and that he is adorable. OBVIOUSLY.

Constance is ready for her belly rub, please and thank you.

Rochefort is turning into quite the little poser.

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That look he gives me after I say “ARE you?”, like he’s thinking “I already answered the question, lady, I’m not answering it AGAIN.”

Oh, that Athos, and OH those eyes!

Good night innernets. (Planchet)

Alexandra has gone back to Michelle’s. She’s not sick – she looks and sounds great – but Saturday morning she started dragging kittens out of the litter boxes. I don’t know what caused the behavior, but ultimately I was worried she’d end up hurting a kitten (or cause them to start being too scared to use the litter box), so we thought it best for her to go back to Michelle’s. She’ll be fine there, and will be available for adoption once she’s been spayed.

Since people are having a hard time remembering who’s related to who, how old the kittens are, and such – here’s a cheat sheet for you.⁠ Porthos, Athos and d’Artagnan are Alexandra’s biological kittens. They’re all boys, born June 2nd.⁠ Aramis (June 2nd; boy), Winter (May 21; girl) and Planchet (May 24; boy) are unrelated to any of the others. ⁠ Rochefort (boy) and Constance (girl) were born June 16th and are siblings to each other, but unrelated to all the other kittens.⁠

“Hm,” I said to myself. “I wonder if Rochefort would fit in this tiny suitcase, and I wonder if he’d stay there long enough for me to take his picture.” He did, and he did. Thank you for your service, Rochefort.

(Whispers) “We’ve secretly replaced their regular black kitten with this tiny rabid bat. Let’s see if they notice!”

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Your Daily BOOP. Planchet and Rochefort aren’t quite sure what’s going on, but they don’t hate it.

I took this picture of Constance in the Cuties box, TOTALLY not noticing Athos over there posing for the picture as well. How ADORABLE are they?

Good night innernets. (Athos)

It’s #Toesday, and as such please admire Planchet’s toeses.

Planchet and Constance snuggling on my lap while Aramis and Winter judge them (and me).

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Your Daily BOOP, featuring Constance.

I think Athos just realized he left the water running. Oopsies.

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Porthos assists in keeping Constance clean.

“You want a piece o’ me?” (d’Artagnan)

Good night innernets. (Winter)

It’s a big world out there, Winter. ❤️

Here’s another look at the gorgeous Dora (previously Inara, who we fostered in 2008. She’s one of Kara’s daughters!) Isn’t she a pretty girl? How does she stay so youthful? She’s a professional Yoga snoopervisor is how. Listen, it’s hard work but she’s up for it.

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Your Daily Boop, featuring Rochefort. We have a lights-on-no-one-home situation going on.

“Gee your fur smells terrific, Planchet.”

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Play time in the kitten room! I love how confused d’Artagnan is about Aramis running into the crate. How’d he get IN there? How do I GET him?!

Porthos is all “Yeah, I’m hanging out in the llama basket. What of it?”

“Helloooo-elloo-lloo-ooooooo….” (Athos)

Good night innernets. (Constance)⁠

15 years and 418 fosters in, it’s inevitable that some kittens will remind me (and y’all) of other kittens. For Throw Back Thursday today, I’m going to share pictures of the current fosters along with the former fosters they remind me of.⁠

The biggest resemblance I see between former and current fosters is the resemblance between our 2012 foster Tony Rocky Horror Pickle* and d’Artagnan. If I told y’all that those were both pictures of the same kitten, y’all would believe me without question. Part of it is the… shall we say… surfeit of forehead on both kittens. Also, just like d’Artagnan, Tony RH Pickle was shaped like a softball with long skinny legs and a super skinny tail. I assume that, just like Tony RH Pickle, d’Artagnan will grow into his forehead and limbs.⁠

*Fred was dying to name a kitten “Tony Rocky Horror” after the character in Pulp Fiction who was tossed off a balcony for giving Marsellus Wallace’s wife a foot massage. (It’s really okay if you haven’t seen that movie and don’t know who those people are; someone was going to ask where the name came from, and now you know.) We had a group of kittens with the surname of Pickle (Polly Pickle, Petey Pickle, Percy Pickle and Joe Pickle); Tony RH Pickle was actually their brother and came to us a few days later, so I let Fred have his way with the name, and just added “Pickle” onto the end.⁠

Athos reminds me a little of Kennebec from 2012, I think mostly because of the awesome eyes. He also looks like (and has the sweetness) of Stompers (also 2012; foster sibling to Kennebec) but most of all he reminds me of Smitty, our foster from 2005 who was brother to Sugarbutt.

Planchet doesn’t really look all that much like Jake (who is a permanent resident), but I think to some of y’all he does, so I’m including a comparison picture here. I can see it a little, but Planchet is less of a goober than Jake is.

Several people have commented on the resemblance between Corbie (who was one of our fosters in 2010 and became a permanent resident; he passed away in 2015) and Rochefort, and I can definitely see that! Corbie had more caramel coloring to him, but there’s a strong resemblance between the two not only in looks but also in personality.

They don’t actually look anything alike, but Bethel (2018) and Constance both have the same incredibly trusting personality. Bethel used to FLY across the room toward me and jump up on me, trusting completely that I’d catch her (which of course I did; I’m not a monster). Constance will sit on my leg and roll over onto her back trusting that I’ll catch her so she doesn’t fall (and I do.) Bethel also loved to be kissed, and so does Constance.

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I am sorry this video is so dark, but I used a filter on it to lighten it a bit, so hopefully you can see what’s going on. This is Cutey (before she went home last week, obviously) on the doll bed in the computer room in front of the window. And then a hummingbird flit into view and catches sight of her (and she of it) and there’s a lot of flitting back and forth and Cutey watching the flitting, and it’s adorable. I hope you can see just how cute it is!

Another pair that doesn’t actually look alike (aside from their long, gorgeous fur). Privet (2016) and Winter have the same playful energy – Privet would pounce around the room like a puppy, and so does Winter. We referred to Privet as “floomping around the room” when she’d play, and do the same with Winter.

Porthos and Aramis actually don’t remind me of any previous fosters, but I didn’t want to post pictures of all their siblings and leave them out, so here they are. Beautiful boys, aren’t they?

Good night innernets. (Athos)

Breakfast time! (7 of the 8 – Winter doesn’t eat with the peasants.) Clockwise from Athos (orange), we have: Athos, d’Artagnan, Porthos, Rochefort, Aramis, Constance and Planchet.

Constance and Porthos have a snuggle.

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Your Daily BOOP, featuring Porthos.

It’s entirely possible Athos was sleeping and I annoyed him by kissing him awake.

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Play time in the kitten room. If I had half their energy…

Planchet thinks this bed is COMFY. (He was actually lying there making biscuits. Awww.)⁠

Good night innernets. (Rochefort)

No one pees alone.

Porthos the poser.

Porthos would like to recommend the Rochefort ears. They’re particularly fresh and tender and would make an excellent addition to your salad.

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I love Winter’s skitter at the beginning of this video (I think she could see herself in the mirror.) Winter’s a busy girl – I think she’s got the makings of a little sheriff. Nothing goes on without her snoopervision!

D’Artagnan’s saving a little snack for later.

Oh how Athos’s cheerful little face makes me want to SQUOOSH HIM.

Good night innernets. (Rochefort)


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