10-25-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

It’s laundry day and our littlest trainee, Wild Bill Hickok, has claimed basket-supervising duties!

Please admire Eclair’s pretty eyes, beautiful “M” and stripedy whiskers. She’s the total package!

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“LADY WE IS STARVINGGG.” I have no idea why they think they should be eating whenever I do laundry – and let me just point out that they HAVE food available to them at all times, so they can’t be THAT hungry.

Pretzel has the MOST fabulous white ascot (and the SWEETEST personality!)

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Sometimes I get so distracted by the craziness racing around the foster room that I miss the cute things happening in my lap. Candy Apple (dilute calico) and her brother Snowcone are forever bathing/biting each other.

Davy Crockett (black and white) and Tater Tot (gray and white) love to wrassle on that ham-mick. (Please note the black ear poking out from below.)

Buffalo Bill (on the ham-mick) and Tater Tot wonder why I keep telling them how cute they are. (Um, because they’re SO CUTE, is why.)

Good night innernets. (Calamity Jane (back) and Annie Oakley.)

It’s a big world out there, Wild Bill.

We have an update on Porthos & d’Artagnan! Dawn says: The boys made the trip home to Kentucky without any problems. Porthos made sure I remembered he was in the car by meowing about every 30 minutes while d’Artagnan slept through it all. ⁠

This first week home has been all about exploring and running wild through the house, and meeting their new big brothers, Will the cat and Enzio the dog. They all seem to be tolerating each other pretty well and will hopefully all become buddies as the days continue. Porthos and d’Artagnan are both fitting into our family as if they had always been here.

We have had so much fun watching and interacting with these two little bundles of energy this past week and look forward to the future with them.

(Thanks, Dawn!!)

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If you crank up the sound, you can hear permanent resident Charles, Prince of Wails, wailing that he wants into the kitten room. (Eventually he will be allowed to meet the fosters, once they’re completely healthy and not sneezing.)

Davy Crockett heard there were free snuggles over here.

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Play time in the kitten room!

Buffalo Bill and the adorable toebeans.

I’m not sure which Candy Apple likes more – the comfy teddy bear rug itself, or the very fun-to-bite tag. Ingenious design, CatLadyBox!

Good night innernets. (Annie Oakley (on her back), Candy Apple, Calamity Jane, and Buffalo Bill.)

“Miss French Fryyy,” I said in my best Forrest Gump drawl, “You ain’t got no TAIL!” (She was born that way. She’s a rare tailless Housepanther, bred to go ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM.)

We’re making a Pretzel sub for lunch.

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French Fry and Wild Bill wrasslin’ in the wrassle box – with a little assistance from Hush Puppy (who got bored and wandered off.)

Snowcone says “Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

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Hanging out in the kitten room. Watching the kittens play, listening to a dog bark, watching Candy Apple eat her tail. You know, the usual.

Annie Oakley’s checking out that kitten in the window.

Wild Bill’s turning into quite the little poser.

Good night innernets. (Hush Puppy, Eclair, Annie Oakley, Wild Bill Hickok, Funnel Cake & Onion Ring)

I’ve been trying and trying to get a decent picture of Eclair (left) and Annie Oakley side by side. They refused to squish together for a picture, so this is what we’ve got. Their faces are very similar to each other (they are unrelated), but when you see their bodies, you can see that Eclair is a brown tabby and Annie Oakley is a classic torbie with lots of gorgeous orange-red sprinkled throughout her markings.

Buffalo Bill is a little pumpkin, yes he is.

Pretzel (left) and Fritter, side by side. They’re brother and sister and look JUST like each other with a few differences. Pretzel’s got a lovely white locket on her chest (Fritter just has a sprinkle of white). Pretzel looks bigger here, but Fritter actually outweighs her by about 8 ounces. They are both very friendly and are total lapkittens and lovebugs.

It’s a Calamity Jane in a basket, is what it is.

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3 minutes of kittens playing. Watch me try to figure out who’s under the ToastyCat bed (and get it wrong twice before I figure it out.) Watch kittens race around like their butts are on fire. See who’s Da BAYbee. Action packed!

Here are our three no-tailed housepanthers in a row. On the far left in a pink collar is French Fry (girl) who was voted Most Likely to Talk to the Feather Teaser. In the middle is orange-collared Onion Ring (boy) who’s off in his own world. And on the right is yellow-collared Hush Puppy (boy), who I keep trying to call Hash Brown for some reason.

“I sees you, innernets.” (Wild Bill Hickok)

Good night innernets. (Eclair)

How about a middle-of-the-night stroll down memory lane? Here are fosters #67 & 67 from April 2008 – white, blue-eyed girl Smudge Bunny (she was white except for a smudge of black on the top of her head) and her brother HG (he had a white hourglass on his tummy.) She was with us for a week before she headed off to Petsmart. He was more of a scaredy-cat and needed more time with us, so stayed for a few weeks longer. She was adopted from Petsmart a few days after she went, and he was adopted from Petsmart as well.⁠

(HG is notable because he’s one of the few kittens Fred remembers by name – and it’s been 12 years!)

Continuing our stroll down memory lane, say hi to foster #69, Splash. We fostered her for just a couple of weeks in April 2008. She came to us as a scaredy cat (I could barely touch her) from another Challenger’s House foster parent, and we weren’t able to make any headway with her. She went back to the other foster mom and I believe stayed with her.

Public service announcement: Snowcone (he/him) is NOT white – he is a cream point. His tail, ears and face have light orange coloring. His eyes will stay that gorgeous blue. Also of note: he has a tail light (a white tip on his tail) and does not like it when you poke his belly while making boinging noises.

BOOM. ::mic drop:: (Yes, that is all 15 kittens in one picture. I am very impressed with myself.)⁠

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BOOP. Featuring Snowcone, Funnel Cake and Fritter as the BOOPees and Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, Candy Apple, Fritter and Annie Oakley in other roles.

Throwback Thursday: This picture (and caption) are from 2007 (fosters Malley, Spooky, Rhian (left) and Peyton).⁠

Is it just me, or does this totally look like a picture you’d see advertising a new series? “In a world where kittens use the litterbox and then don’t cover up what they left behind, one small task force led by a kitten on the edge has taken it upon themselves to enforce the cover-it-up law. Join them every week as they follow leads bringing them to the deepest, darkest, stinkiest, most crime-ridden areas of the country. Litter Enforcers! Coming soon, to KittenTV.”

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I am telling you, they NEVER. SLOW. DOWN. Zoom zoom zoom!

Here’s a shot of Eclair (left) and Annie Oakley side by side. They look SO much alike (they’re not blood relations), I often mistake them for each other at a glance.

Oops! I nearly forgot that it’s Thlurrrpsday! Please admire Candy Apple’s form.

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Charlie, who used to be Aramis.)

It’s breakfast time!

“Don’t look, Ethel!” (Eclair & Snowcone)

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BOOPing Eclair – and trying to figure out which kitten is approaching for petting (yes, I had to check the collar.)

“Lady, why you be so weird?” Tater Tot inquires.

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The Friday zoomies are now going on in the kitten room!

It looks like I’m interrupting an important meeting… and they’re not happy about it! (Annie Oakley & Wild Bill)

Good night innernets. (Hush Puppy (yellow collar), French Fry (in front of HP), Onion Ring (right, back) and Annie Oakley.)

The gleeful look on Snowcone’s face as he goes in for the bite is killing me. (That’s Eclair under/behind him.)

Okay, I guess they do nap occasionally! I walked in to find this pile of cute on the couch.

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That scratcher is an awesome toy, apparently.

Charles, Prince of Wails is on the other side of that door sniffing around, and it caught their attention.

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Snowcone does not wish to share his favorite ball, thank you very much.

“Excuse us, lady, we is havin’ a snooze and a snuggle.” Buffalo Bill (back) and Fritter.

Good night innernets. (Davy Crockett, Pretzel, Wild Bill, Calamity Jane & Candy Apple.)


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