9-3-19 Tuesday

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Back in 2016, we had a litter of fosters, 4 brothers named Darry, Ponyboy, Sodapop and Two-Bit, who were named after characters from the book The Outsiders, and who we called The Greasers.

Darry was an adorable orange and white tabby with just a tiny little nub of a tail.

Unfortunately, Darry was returned to Challenger’s House a couple of weeks ago for reasons that have nothing to do with Darry, who is healthy and (understandably) a little nervous about what’s going on right now. Teresa saw him over the weekend, and while he was timid at first, his true lovebug nature came out before too long. He loves being petted, got nervous when Teresa stood up, but I’m sure that’s something that he’ll overcome in time.

This is what he looks like now.

Isn’t he GORGEOUS?

Darry is a beautiful, sweet, squishy soft shy boy who is healthy and gets along with the other cats in the cat room at Challenger’s House. As mentioned, he’s just got the tiniest nub of a tail and the most adorable tailless backside. If he sounds like your kind of guy, you can contact Challenger’s House at 256-420-5995 or by email at challengershouse (at) mchsi.org Challenger’s House is located in North Alabama, right outside Huntsville.


Fleur is all “What you want, lady? Can’t you see I’m busy with this track toy?”

It’s a cuppa Luc, if you needed to start off your day right.

Beauregard the cutie.

Gabrielle’s all “LADY. Why you turn Beauregard into a loaf of bread? MAMA! THAT LADY TURNED BEAUREGARD INTO A LOAF OF BREAD!”

“::sigh:: Lady, why? Why you gotta do this stuff to my baby?”

Luc with attitude.

The girls in the pie plate. Left to right: Gabrielle, Josephine & Fleur.

The boys in the cat tree cubby. Left to right: Henri, Luc and Beauregard.

“I will take that felted snake, lady, thank you very much.” Katriane the hunter.

Josephine in the Cat Lady box.

And Katriane in the same box. Do you get the impression that’s an awesome box? Because it is!

Another attempt at getting Katriane and Margeaux to look at me at the same time, another failure.


Dewey’s got places to go, things to do, thank you very much.


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