10-2-17 Monday

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New month, new pages on the calendar!

If you have a Love & Hisses calendar, then you’ll see October’s calendar boy is…

Two-Bit, from The Greasers, who were with us this time last year.

And our cover boy for the Crooked Acres permanent residents’ calendar is…

Little Stefan on the Prairie. That picture cracks me UP.


Oh doesn’t Hubble just look the very epitome of innocence. Like he wasn’t JUST biting his sister on the tail and making her cry.

Stardust looks so disgusted to be carrying that toy around.

Telstar and one of the Best! Toys! EVER. Take an empty paper towel tube and cut it in 3-inch (or thereabouts) sections. They play with those things constantly, and if they get gross or too chewed up, you can toss ’em without feeling like you’re wasting money.

Paws UP, y’all!

Aurora is just the sweetest.

Telstar yells “HEY! You stop tryin’ to take pictures of my tummy!”

This toy stayed attached to that ess for about two days (a record!) before someone chewed through the sisal rope and knocked it behind the litter box.

Phoenix poses prettily for her school picture.

“Hey! I said no pictures, lady!”

Hubble from above.

Phoenix has places to go! Things to do! Outta the way!

While it looks like Hubble is helpfully trying to push Phoenix up the pole of the cat tree, what’s actually going on is that she WAS climbing up the cat tree, and then slid back down, right on top of him. If you look closely, you’ll see he’s biting her leg.


“Not in the mood for you and that camera, lady.”

Stefan’s leg kicked up behind Archie, looking like it’s a shark fin, is cracking me UP.


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