6-20-22 Monday

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In case you missed it on social media yesterday afternoon, Clover was adopted and went home! We are thrilled for that sweet boy. I’ve enjoyed getting to hang out with him for the past two weeks, and I’m excited that he gets to begin the next chapter of his life. Getting to keep an adoption pending kitten for some extra time is always a lot of fun for me – I get to just relax and enjoy them. Watching Clover come out of his shell as he navigated the chaos of a week living between here and a hotel was a lot of fun. The capper is when my sister-in-law came to get some kitten time on Saturday. She and her husband walked through the front door, and Clover – who was hanging out on the big cat tree – just stayed where he was. He let them pet him and didn’t go running to hide. I’d call that HUGE progress on his part.

The last few pictures I took of him are in today’s entry.

I never once fed him in the kitchen (his food bowl was upstairs in the hall), but somehow he knew that that was where food originated from, and it became one of his favorite places to hang out.

Wondering if I was gonna take a nap with him. (The answer is always yes. When a kitten wants you to join them for a nap, how are you gonna say no?)

I was on the front porch filling the bird feeders, and he was inside on the big cat tree, watching me. (You’re seeing the reflection of the front porch behind him.)

“But… how did you get OUT there, lady?”

An excellent sleeping companion.

I will, of course, share any updates I get about him.


Marsali in a rare still moment.

Jamie (atop the scratcher) is looking at the ceiling fan. Jenny (left) is looking at Jamie. And Ian (under the scratcher) is looking at me.

Lord John Grey is keeping an eye on me.

Don’t be fooled by how utterly adorable and SWEET Fergus looks. This boy is FULL of drama. If he doesn’t like something, he hisses and growls and whines and LETS YOU KNOW. I guess he’s a boy who knows his own mind. (Luckily, he doesn’t dislike a snuggle.)

Jenny’s all “What ARE you doing, lady?!”

Brianna’s the queen of the mountain! Well, the basket anyway.

She’s keeping an eye on Jenny and Lord John.

Jocasta is small, but Roger’s smaller.

Roger’s all “You again, lady?”

As you can tell, I moved Brianna and Roger into the foster room to rejoin their foster siblings on Saturday. Except for Fergus (see above re: Fergus is a dramatic little hisser), the reaction from the kittens in the foster room was just “Oh hi, guys.” Jocasta did give me a “Really? More kittens? REALLY?” look, but when Brianna and then Roger approached her, she was very sweet to them. She’s over this whole being-a-mama thing, but she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. I seriously need to get Jocasta’s voice on video – she’s got the sweetest trill and sounds like she’s singing when she gets excited (ie, when she hears me opening cans of food.)


Jake schemes.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) this weekend.

Clover in the doll chair, then (April 4th) and now. I think the chair has shrunk!

In 2020, we fostered a litter of kittens known as the Fluffles, and they included these two little muffins – dilute calico Lola Bunny, and gray and white tuxie Bugs Bunny. Two years later, this is what they look like now! Haven’t they grown up to be beeyootiful? (Thank you, Micaela!)

YouTube link
Booping Lord John Grey. BOOP BOOP BOOP!

It’s a Fergus pie! Meezer pie is my FAVORITE!

YouTube link
What Clover’s been doing this week. (Not shown: me kissing him 1,000 times and telling him how cute he is.)

Goal for the weekend: to get the little mirrors hung up in the kitten room so that Jamie can properly admire himself!

Good night innernets. (I could not find Clover ANYWHERE and was on the verge of panicking when he came sliding out, all “What’s up?”)

Breakfast is served! (That’s Jocasta at the top, looking on. I’ve tried giving her her own plate, up high where the kittens can’t get to it, and she absolutely refuses – she’d rather wait until the kittens eat their fill and then finish whatever they didn’t eat.) From lower left and going clockwise around the first plate: Marsali, Lizzie, Ian, Angus, Lord John Grey. The second plate, from the top: Jenny, Fergus and Jamie.

Look at that SMILE on Clover’s face. He stole Uncle Charlie’s bed, and he’s not sorry.

YouTube link
Lizzie in my lap and Jamie nearby – and both of them purring up a storm. (I swear Lizzie is 90% eyeball.)

That’s poser Angus at the top of the picture, Jamie down on the left, Marsali on the right, and Lord John Grey at the bottom. It’s not all 10 kittens, but it’s a start!

Good night innernets. (Marsali)

Brianna (pictured) and Roger moved from the bathroom to the foster room yesterday morning to rejoin their foster siblings, and they’re doing great. I am just amazed at how good Brianna looks! She still needs to put on some serious weight, but she’s getting there. She spent the day playing like crazy!

It totally looks like Lord John Grey took this selfie himself.

YouTube link
Gray and white girl kitten Brianna and little black boy kitten Roger have improved enough that yesterday I put them in the foster room along with the rest of their siblings. The other kittens – except for Fergus, who has a dramatic streak – just said “Oh hi, guys.”

Fergus is all “Paws UP, y’all!”

Hooray, hooray, Clover was adopted and went home today! He joins former foster Leo (formerly Athos, the Mewsketeers litter in 2020) and I think they’ll be the best of friends! Happy life, sweet boy. It’s been fun getting a little extra time with you. ❤️❤️❤️

Good night innernets. (Marsali & Jenny)


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