6-20-21 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Good night innernets. ((Permanent resident) Charlie.)

Former foster update! Orlando, from the Players litter back in 2014. That’s him on the left at about 4 months old (when we were fostering him) and on the right now! Teresa reports that Orlando is an excellent working-from-home helper (haha) and is likely even more thrilled about permanent work-from-home than Teresa is. 🤣

Khal and Charlie are having a meeting, and I don’t think I’m welcome. Hmph.⁠

Good night innernets… from a very smug Charlie.

Former foster update! On the left, from 2012 that is Stompers (original name Cicero, but once Fred nicknamed him Stompers, we never called him anything else) who was just a total sweetheart. That’s him on the right, 9 years later! And you won’t be surprised to hear that.. he’s still a total sweetheart! Kristyn says: “Here he is today! Just as silly and loving as ever. He can usually be found snuggling with whoever will sit still long enough to let him groom them or modeling his gorgeous face for his admirers.”⁠

Every so often someone asks how many permanent residents we have, so here they are arranged in order of age. Yes, we have 7. You hardly ever see Dewey, because he haaaates having his picture taken.

Good night innernets, from Khal, who is magnificent and just wants to be alone with his heated bed.

Happy 1st birthday to former fosters Oleander (Ollie, who was Constance when we fostered them) and Rhus (foster name Rochefort) a little less than a year ago! They were part of the Mewsketeers, and were adopted by Cat, who loves them so very much. But don’t take my word for it – you can see them on their Facebook page daily!

Alice Mo wonders just who is going to sweep up all these ding dang leaves. (She just knows it’s not going to be her.)⁠

Good night innernets. (Charlie)

Jake is having a good morning and hopes you are too.

Former foster Lilybet from 2013 was one of our fakers – that is, we were told she was pregnant, but it turned out she wasn’t. So she was spayed and adopted out pretty quickly – and she’s now Artemis. That’s her in 2013 on the left, and her today on the right. That girl is clearly loaded with personality!

Throw Back Thursday: in the summer/fall of 2015, we had three litters of bottle babies in a row. This litter – the Swimmers – were rescued from a puddle during a storm, and we named them after swimmers and divers. I got this picture of Spitz during my first attempt to introduce the kittens to canned food. He wanted his BOTTLE, thank you very much.

YouTube link
kitten clown car compilation

From last fall, a compilation of all the kitten clown car videos! (We were fostering 15 kittens, and when I needed to mop the floor, I’d put all 15 kittens in this crate long enough to mop and let the floor dry – they were usually in there for about 10 minutes.)

Good night innernets. (Charlie)

This picture from 2 years ago just cracks me up every time. We were fostering Margeaux (up on the cabinet), who came to us with three kittens that – we found out after a day or so – were not hers (she wasn’t producing milk.) Two weeks later, Katriane (on the floor with the kittens) came to us with three kittens that may or may not have been hers, but she was letting them nurse, and was producing milk. Pretty much the INSTANT Katriane entered the foster room and let the kittens that weren’t Margeaux’s nurse in addition to her own three, Margeaux was like “Seeya!” and let her take care of all 6 kittens. I captioned this one “Some of us are smart enough to stay up out of the fray, Katriane.” ⁠

Fun fact: Margeaux and Katriane are now Elfie and Neko (they were adopted together and live in New York now!) and you can see them here on Instagram at @keepingtabbies/ !!

Sweet sisters Phoenix (left) and Amber (formerly Ambercup), our fosters in 2017 and 2015 respectively, are adjusting to their new life in Maine. They’ll be saying “Ayuh” and “Pahk the cah” any minute now! 😉 (I am from Maine, so I’m allowed to make that joke, so HUSH.)

Good night innernets! ((Permanent residents) Charlie (left) and Archie.)

Charlie and Alice keeping an eye on things.

Good night innernets. (Newt)


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6-20-21 Weekly Roundup — 5 Comments

  1. Love the pic with Charlie and Alice since it must be a rare event. I thought Alice-Mo didn’t like to fraternize with the common rabble, yo.

  2. Stompers! He’s always been a favorite of mine and I can’t believe it’s been NINE YEARS since he stomped his way into our hearts! He is just as adorably cute today as he was as a wee baby kitten.

  3. Alice is awful close to Charlie…Either she’s going to punch him in the head, tell him off or he’s stalking her.

  4. BWAHAHAHA!! Then it turns out Margeaux WAS pregnant, had 6 kittens of her own, and Katriane gave her a lesson in friendship and humility! I’m so glad those 2 girls are together, I remember the feelings of dread when you said there was adoption pending on K right before M delivered, and feeling so glad when that didn’t happen! :):):)