9-7-20 Monday

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In case you missed it over the weekend…

Winter was adopted and went home Saturday!

She is now Luna and her new family is already head over heels in love with her.

Here’s a picture of her on July 21st and on August 31st.

(She looks less floofy than normal in that pic on the right because I had just brushed her.)

Today’s post will have the rest of my pictures that include Winter/Luna. We’ll miss having that floofy girl around, but she’s gone to a wonderful home and I know she’s going to be pampered and spoiled, as she deserves.

Hanging out on the tree with Porthos.

Watching birds with Aramis.

Snoopervising d’Artagnan’s dryer snoopervision.

Keeping an eye on Uncle Archie.

Athos got too close and too sniffy with Uncle Archie, who reacted with a hiss and a smack-smack-smack (though he never actually made contact.) Athos retreated to the Tiny Basket, and d’Artagnan donned his Floof Suit. “There is no need to be RUDE, Uncle Archie.” Winter just watched the whole thing with amusement.

Uncle Archie and his Ears of Annoyance stomped away.

Fred let Uncle Archie out of the room, and the kittens sat and wondered what had happened.

Rochefort, Constance and Winter checked out the bathroom.

Enjoying the guest bedroom.

Such a PRETTY girl.

This is as close as that crown got to the top of her head. Not gonna lie, I think it’s really RUDE that she’s so gorgeous and floofy and would look amazing with a crown on her head and yet despite 7 million attempts on my part, I was never able to even get that crown anywhere near her head, she just wasn’t having it. HMPH.

One last shot of all 7 before she went home. From top: Rochefort. Next level down: Porthos, Athos and d’Artagnan. Next level: Winter and Aramis. Bottom: Constance.


This is an old picture I’ve never shared, I think I took it not long after we moved in to this house. That’s Dewey snoozing with Newt and Stefan (awww) on the guest bedroom bed. I would guess this was probably spring of 2018 or thereabouts. (It’s cloudy because the picture is of the mirror rather than a direct shot of the three.)


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9-7-20 Monday — 5 Comments

  1. Wish we lived closer. I would love one of your “Babies”. I am in CA. But I don’t think my two have it in their hearts to have another interfering with their kingdom.!! One is a Princes Extraordinaire !

  2. I think Luna will be a wonderful name for the girl! Have you tried photoshopping a crown on her? That would be something. Wishing her a wonderful life!

  3. Great news! Winter/Luna was a fav of mine in this bunch. Now for my other buddy, d’Artagnan, to find his forever home.