8-8-21 Weekly (Monthly) Roundup

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Note: I usually do these roundups once a week, but due to the move and being busy with that, I hadn’t done one since July 4th. So it’s a LONG one!

Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

(Permanent resident) Khal’s making sure I don’t forget to pack his favorite toy/bed.

(Permanent residents) Charlie and Newt are enjoying the lovely weather.⁠

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Archie)

(Permanent resident) Jake’s pretending he doesn’t know I’m right there taking his picture.

Oh, that magnificent (permanent resident) Khal.

A side by side (kinda) of permanent residents Charlie (left) and Archie. As you can see, Charlie’s stripes are much darker and bolder than Archie’s. I still confuse the two of them occasionally if I’m not paying attention, though.

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Archie.)

(Permanent resident) Khal is (I probably haven’t mentioned this before, have I?) magnificent.

Smilin’ (permanent resident) Jake.

(Permanent resident) Newt is all “How YOU doin’?”

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Archie.)

Juuuuust waiting on the movers to show up. LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD.

“What took you guys so long?!” (The move is going well so far!)

Jake, Alice and Khal (pic is from last night, they were still a bit freaked out. They’re calmer today.) are considering their objections.

Our hearts go out to Jennifer and her family, who have said goodbye to former foster Jack. Jack (then Starsky) and his brother Percy (then Hutch) were our fosters back in 2010, two tiny kittens who were tossed from a car. They were about 4 weeks old when we got them, and were the first kittens I ever stuffed into coffee mugs (they were the perfect size!) Jen came all the way from Indiana to adopt them. Jack has had health issues the past few years, and it got to be too much for his poor body. He’s been a lucky boy this past decade to be so well loved and cared for, and we know that he’ll be missed terribly. ❤️ ❤️❤️

Good night innernets. (Tomorrow you’ll get to meet the newest fosters!)

In case you missed it on the blog this morning (love-and-hisses.com) we have fosters again! Say hello to floofy orange and white mama Molly Marinara and her kittens:⁠
Alfie Alfredo (boy) is orange and white and has no white stripe on his forehead (and a blue collar).⁠
Christopher Chutney (boy) is orange and white and has a thick forehead stripe (and a yellow collar).⁠
Franco Fondue (boy) is orange and white with a thin white stripe on his forehead (and a green collar).⁠
Sofia Soy Sauce (girl) is a tiny black house panther.⁠
Theo Pesto (boy) is an all-orange tabby.⁠
Tia Teriyaki (girl) is a torbie with an orange spot on the top of her head.⁠

Molly was rescued as a hugely pregnant stray who was wandering around a neighborhood looking for a safe space. She went to Michelle and had her kittens on June 4th (which makes them 7 weeks old today.) ⁠

Sofia Soy Sauce was not born to Molly, she’s an add-in – she was found on a loading dock in a rural town and when they added her to Molly’s bunch, Molly was willing to take care of her. As far as they’re all concerned, Sofia is just part of the litter. She’s about a week younger than the others and quite a bit smaller, but is a feisty little thing and holds her own in tussles.⁠

Molly is a super sweet snuggly girl with a sweet, quite meow. The kittens were suspicious of me at first, but have decided that I’m okay and good for a snuggle.

YouTube link
New foster kittens Franco Fondue (who’s doing the most skittering), Christopher Chutney (the other orange and white kitten), Theo Pesto (all orange) and Sofia Soy Sauce are getting their skitter on.⁠

(We have total of 6 kittens and one mama cat in the foster room currently – the kittens are 7 weeks old today (except for Sofia Soy Sauce, who is a week younger). I will work on doing an introductory video so you can see who’s who.)

YouTube link
3 minutes of kittens playing. Seriously – how CUTE are they?!

Outta the way, Alfie Alfredo’s got places to GO!

Theo Pesto’s all “What is going onnnn?!”

Good night innernets. (Sofia Soy Sauce, Tia Teriyaki, Christopher Chutney (back) and Franco Fondue.)

Just hangin’ out with Tia Teriyaki. ❤️

Oh how those boys LOVE their Mama. (Left to right: Christopher Chutney, Theo Pesto, Franco Fondue and mama Molly Marinara).

YouTube link
“Mama, we is HUNGRYYYYY!” (When Sofia Soy Sauce goes waddling over to the milk bar, it kills me dead.) (Sorry for the crookedness of the video – I clearly wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, I was too caught up in watching the kittens.)

Good night innernets. (Molly Marinara using a stuffed toy as a pillow, Theo Pesto using Molly as a bed, and Tia Teriyaki, Christopher Chutney and Franco Fondue bellied up to the sleepy milk bar.)

Alfie Alfredo’s feelin’ a little floofy.

YouTube link
It cracks me UP that Sofia Soy Sauce (black) is so little that she can basically walk around the track toy like it’s a walking track (that’s Christopher Chutney on the track toy with her.)

YouTube link
The milk bar is open (reluctantly).

The view from the kitchen window (please note (permanent residents) Jake and Khal on the cat tree.)

Good night innernets. (Tia Teriyaki)

Breakfast is served!

A sweet mother-daughter moment. To answer the questions: yes, Sofia nurses. Molly treats Sofia just like she treats her own kittens; as far as they’re both concerned, she’s always been Molly’s kitten. (If you missed it, Sofia is an add-in: she was found on a loading dock in a rural town, and came to Forgotten Felines when she was tiny (tinier) and Molly was willing to take her on. She’s about a week younger than Molly’s kittens, and the other kittens treat her as a pesky little sister for the most part.)

YouTube link
Tia Teriyaki’s feelin’ skittery.

Alfie Alfredo is comin’ through!

YouTube link
Startled kittens with floofy tails. (They crack me UP.)

Good night innernets. (Christopher Chutney loves to snuggle up with that stuffed black kitty.)

Time for breakfast!

Theo Pesto’s going into space, brb.

YouTube link
We’ve got joy, we’ve got fun, we’ve got tusslin’ in the sun. As you do. 😻⁠

The aliens have landed! (Sofia Soy Sauce)

YouTube link
Foster room tour. A few people requested a video tour of the foster room (we recently moved, so our foster room is completely different now) – so here you go!

Time for dinner! From Mama Molly Marinara and going clockwise, we have: Christopher Chutney, Sofia Soy Sauce, Theo Pesto, Tia Teriyaki, Alfie Alfredo and Franco Fondue!

Good night innernets. (Theo Pesto and Christopher Chutney)

Christopher Chutney adores his mama (they ALL adore their mama!)

(Whispers) “We are here at Love & Hisses Headquarters, where we’ve secretly replaced the regularly scheduled housepanther they usually serve with this baby bat. Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference!”

YouTube link
It is time for the morning wrassle!

Apparently the ham-mick is tasty. Theo Pesto seems to be enjoying it!

YouTube link
I thought we were just going to have a little chat with Molly Marinara; I had no idea Alfie Alfredo was going to be all “YOU MIGHT BE WONDERIN’ WHO DA BAYBEE IS, IT IS ME, AND I AM DA BAYBEE AND LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT.”

Christopher Chutney’s checking out the high places.

Good night innernets. (Franco Fondue)

The milk bar is open and we’re getting a LOT of sass from Sofia Soy Sauce. (That’s Tia Teriyaki, Theo Pesto and Christopher Chutney at the milk bar.)

“Excuse you, lady, I’m workin’ on my tan.” Sorry, Alfie Alfredo. As you were!

YouTube link
Here comes Theo Pesto! (He loves his Mama.)

Line ’em up! Left to right: Sofia Soy Sauce, Theo Pesto, Tia Teriyaki, Alfie Alfredo, Franco Fondue and Christopher Chutney. (Mama Molly Marinara absolutely refused to stay there and have her picture taken with her babies. Hmph.)

YouTube link
Sofia Soy Sauce and Tia Teriyaki on the ham-mick (and some Christopher Chutney, too). Those girls crack me UP.

She’s a handful, that Sofia Soy Sauce.

Good night innernets. (Franco Fondue)

Looks like it’s one of those mornings, Molly Marinara.

Tia Teriyaki crosses her legs like a proper young laydee.

YouTube link
Having a discussion (kinda) with Molly Marinara.

Yep. Definitely one of those days for Molly Marinara! (But awww how Theo Pesto adores her!)

YouTube link
Awww, Franco Fondue ;oves his mama! (And Sofia Soy Sauce and Tia Teriyaki love to fight in the ham-mick.)

“What?” (Sofia Soy Sauce)

Good night innernets. (Molly Marinara)

YouTube link
Time for breakfast! (And Alfie Alfredo defends his food pile from little Sofia Soy Sauce. Don’t worry, I moved him down a little and all was well.)

Sofia Soy Sauce is a snugglebug.

Theo Pesto from above.

Tia Teriyaki is showing off her delightful belly.

Good night innernets. (Theo Pesto, Sofia Soy Sauce, Franco Fondue, and Christopher Chutney. In the background: Alfie Alfredo and Tia Teriyaki)

Sofia Soy Sauce and Tia Teriyaki certainly do love that ham-mick.⁠

Oh, that Molly Marinara. So PRETTY.

Milk bar’s open!

Good night innernets. (Christopher Chutney)

The breakfast bar is open!

A very belated happy birthday to Amber (left – formerly our foster Ambercup in 2015.) On the top right, her sister Stardust (2017) is enjoying some sunshine. And on the bottom right, Amber and sister Phoenix (from the same litter as Stardust, 2017) have a snuggle while beautiful big sister Mollie (not a former foster!) poses prettily. Talk about a pretty bunch! (Thanks, Debra!)

YouTube link
BOOPing Sofia Soy Sauce. Oh, I could just squoosh that girl!

Theo Pesto is all “Hallo!”

Mama Molly Marinara gets her ears cleaned by Tia Teriyaki (and Franco Fondue snoopervising.)

Good night innernets. (Theo Pesto & Sofia Soy Sauce)

Molly Marinara is off for her spay surgery this morning! She should be back home recovering by mid-day. She will continue to produce milk as long as the kittens nurse, which, in my experience is usually until they’re separated. (Hat tip to Neko @keepingtabbies – formerly Katriane – who is the one and only mama who ever weaned her kittens while they were all still being fostered by us.)

YouTube link
Meet the Dippers and find out who my favorite is!

YouTube link
Meet Hannah Hollandaise, the newest Dipper!

Molly Marinara is home, post-spay, and feelin’ sleepy. She’s not sure what happened, but she’s glad it’s over!

Good night innernets. (Christopher Chutney)

6 of the 7 (Hannah Hollandaise was elsewhere). From torbie girl Tia Teriyaki and moving clockwise we have: Christopher Chutney, Alfie Alfredo, Franco Fondue, Theo Pesto and Sofia Soy Sauce.

Hannah Hollandaise is all “Why I oughta…”

“Why is there always some kitten’s butt in my face?” Molly Marinara wonders.

YouTube link
The milk bar! Molly Marinara and her kittens. (This video was taken last weekend – she was spayed yesterday and I haven’t seen her letting the kittens nurse at all since then.)

Good night innernets. (Christopher Chutney, Tia Teriyaki and Franco Fondue)

Every time I see Tia Teriyaki’s serious little face, I want to squoosh her.

Franco Fondue wishes you a happy Thlurrrpsday!

YouTube link
Saying hello to Hannah Hollandaise, Christopher Chutney and Sofia Soy Sauce.

Theo Pesto’s pretty on pink.

YouTube link
We’ve got a case of the skitterbugs, it appears.

Good night innernets. (Christopher Chutney and Franco Fondue.)

Molly Marinara is all “Where did all these kittens come from? Maybe there’s a place out here without all these kittens?”

Hannah Hollandaise is happy to hear that her days in the sitting room are over. Molly Marinara hasn’t exactly warmed to Hannah, but she has decided that Hannah is just annoying – not a threat. Hannah Hollandaise has been vroom vroom vroom ever since the news was announced.

YouTube link
Wherein Hannah Hollandaise pokes the bear and comes away unscathed. (The part of the bear is played by Molly Marinara.)

Alfie Alfredo is all “Yeah, I know she’s back there, ready to leap on me and make me hiss.”

I’m not sure what I like most about this picture: Franco Fondue rolling around in the (clean!) litter box, Sofia Soy Sauce saying “Hey, don’t roll around in the litter box!” or Alfie Alfredo staring at his reflection in the bowl of water.

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Alice Mo the calico.)

Breakfast time!

Good night innernets. (Franco Fondue)

Alfie Alfredo is just hanging out this morning.

YouTube link
Hannah Hollandaise playing – by herself and with some of the others.


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  1. Sooo many adorable pictures, I kinda had to skim. But, have to ask: has anyone noticed that Khal is *magnificent?* 😀