8-24-21 Tuesday

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“That’s right, it’s an Alfie Alfredo pie, and I know that’s your favorite, lady!” He is SO right.

Theo Pesto (and his floof) in the sun. This picture shows his current eye color really well. So pretty!

Line ’em up! Left to right: Christopher Chutney & Sofia Soy Sauce, Theo Pesto (in front of the pillow), Franco Fondue (back), Tia Teriyaki, Alfie Alfredo & Hannah Hollandaise.

And in the same basic lineup, only closer together.

Then Sofia Soy Sauce and Christopher Chutney decided they had better things to do, but Hannah Hollandaise, Tia Teriyaki, Franco Fondue, Theo Pesto and Alfie Alfredo were lined up so cute that I had to get a picture.

Sofia Soy Sauce went to find the sunshine, apparently.


“I blame you for this, lady.”

The most comfy way to sleep in a basket-type cat bed: flip it upside down! Thanks for the tip, Christopher Chutney.


Kinda hard to see (I took this picture from the foster room window), but Charlie is all flopped out under the tree in the back yard, keeping an eye on things. Happy boy!


Posted on social media yesterday.

“Good MORNING, innernets, it’s time to rise and shine (unless you’ve already risen and shone, in which case it’s probably time for a nap!)” says Alfie Alfredo.

This sweet boy is Tenuki, and he’s looking for a home!

Lori has asked for help finding Tenuki a home. Here’s his story: Tenuki and his 3 brothers were born on August 21, 2019 to a feral mother cat. She showed up pregnant (of course) on the doorstep of Lori’s brother’s house, and bythe time she gave birth, she trusted him completely. Lori’s brother took in all 4 kittens and their mother and cared for them, and Lori eventually took two of the kittens. Unfortunately, in January of this year Lori’s brother passed away due to cancer. Lori brought home three of his cats and hoped that the brothers to the two kittens she’d taken in would be friends the way they were when they were kittens. One of the cats gets along fine – the other, as you may have guessed, is Tenuki.

Despite the very slow introduction, the use of Feliway, making sure everyone has room to have their own space, Tenuki just doesn’t get along with his brothers, though he gets along fine with the older female cat. (They are all neutered and fully vaccinated.) It got pretty bad, with injuries sustained during the fights, so currently he’s spending most of his time in a bathroom, but he gets time out to explore the house in the afternoons when the other boys are napping in a bedroom with the door closed. Lori’s been trying to find a home for Tenuki with no luck – and of course, she worries that as a black cat if she takes him to the pound he will ultimately be euthanised.

Lori says of Tenuki: He’s a sweet cat with a big personality (he’s kind of like the cat version of Chris Farley). He gets along fine with all sizes of dogs and my spayed, older female cat. He can play a little rough at times, but he’s never tried to play with my older female cat at all and has never chased her, but he did do those things with his brothers which caused some of the issues, I suspect. He loves to play with track ball toys and feather teasers and is a big talker. He will often come to you if you call him. I will also say that he’s one of those cats that will put his teeth on your arm. It’s like a bite, but he’s never broken the skin or really applied any sort of pressure. He usually does that when he’s happy. He likes to be held over your shoulder and snuggle up with you. He also likes to stretch out in your lap in front of the TV or sit in my office in the chair next to mine. He also loves being up high on the cat trees. He’s not declawed and is very good about using the scratchers. He’s not really spent any time outdoors except when he was a kitten. He’s fully vaccinated, neutered, and in good health.

Lori lives in central Illinois and would be willing to drive up to 12 hours in any direction to ensure Tenuki a loving home. If you or someone you know might be interested in learning more about Tenuki, please email AdoptTenuki@gmail.com to find out more information. Please spread the word and help us find this sweet boy a home! Thank you.

YouTube link
Kittens nursing (yes, they’re big – they’re 11 weeks old; kittens will nurse as long as Mom lets them, and Molly Marinara hasn’t kicked them off the milk bar yet. They do eat on their own, and Molly has places where she can get up away from them if she wants to). Pay attention starting at about 20 seconds in – those wiggly ears! (Alfie Alfredo was too busy playing to make a visit to the milk bar.)

Sometimes I think the kittens must say to each other “Let’s all get in one area and watch the lady practically trip over her own feet running over to get a picture of all of us together!” They take their fun where they can get it, I guess.

YouTube link
I swear, these kittens could have their own circus act – those somersaults! Those sideways skitters! So talented!

I can’t get over the size of Christopher Chutney’s ears. Those things are amazing!

Good night innernets. (Sofia Soy Sauce & Tia Teriyaki)


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  1. I swear that the all-kittens-in-one-place-on-the-cat-trees picture is begging to be made into a Christmas card – with a photoshopped frame of pine garlands and lights! Such sweeties!

  2. Tenuki sounds absolutely darling, and I hope he finds his forever home.

    Also, what a wonderful room full of enrichment the kittens have!