7-11-15 Sugarbutt

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June 28, 2005 – July 8, 2015.

This happened Wednesday evening, but I’m having a hard time dealing with it, so I hope you’ll forgive me for not telling you before now.

We had to say goodbye to Sugarbutt on Wednesday.

He developed an upper respiratory infection last week, so we took him to the vet. He was on meds over the weekend. He got a little better, and then he got worse, so Fred took him back to the vet. The vet pointed out that Sugarbutt was jaundiced and kept him to do blood work and give him fluids. The tests came back positive for Hepatic Lipidosis. The vet said that he hadn’t seen a cat go downhill so quickly, and thought that maybe his liver hadn’t been operating at full capacity to start with. They were in the process of trying to get him to eat on his own (knowing that a feeding tube was a likelihood), and he crashed. He was still alive by Wednesday evening, but there was really bad neurological damage, and the vet didn’t think that he would pull through. When we went to see him, he had that look in his eyes, and we made the decision to let him go.

With Miz Poo, it was expected and we knew that her time was coming, but with Sugarbutt it was a complete surprise. I’m having a hard time even thinking about him, it has knocked the breath right out of me. This is the second cat we’ve lost unexpectedly this year, and the third total. He was only 10.

I would ordinarily finish this post with a history and lots of pics of Sugarbutt, but I can’t bear to look through all his pictures just yet. I’ll get one put together in a few days.


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  1. I’m so, so sorry for yet another loss of a precious kitty. You and Fred are in my thoughts.

  2. I am so very very sorry about Sugarbutt. He was one of my favorites of the permanent cats and I loved watching him with the fosters… My thoughts are with you all… And my heart is aching for you.

  3. Robyn, I’m so sorry. I wish I could hug you in person but please know I am hugging you from afar.

  4. I’m so sorry. Sugarbutt had the best possible life with you guys. It’s a shame his was cut short.

  5. I am so sorry, Sugarbutt was one of my favorite kittys, I just love Marmalade cats, cwtches and purrayers

  6. I am so sorry. I had a large orange cat have lipidosis around the same age (he had a nervous breakdown because of us getting a dog, and I was at a conference for a week). Hugs to you and yours.

  7. I saw this on Fred’s Facebook page. I’m so sorry for your loss. Whether it’s something you expect or something completely out of the blue, the pain and grief isn’t any less intense. Take comfort in knowing that Corbie, Miz Poo and Sugarbutt are basking in the sunshine over the Rainbow Bridge and they are most certainly bragging to everyone about their wonderful lives at Crooked Acres.

  8. Sorry Robyn. Sudden losses like this are tough. He was blessed to have a good life with you and Fred. Rest in peace sweet boy.

  9. Augh. Three in one year and two unexpectedly? That’s a nightmare! *hugs to you*

  10. I am so sorry for the loss of Sugarbutt. My thoughts are with you both. *hugs*

  11. My thoughts are with you. What you’ve gone through this year seems so cruel. I hope you know that your writing and the care you give to your permanent cats and your fosters brings so much joy to so many people and I only hope that our best wishes for you bring some comfort. It’s a really precious thing to give so much love to animals (and to get the enormous joy and love back from them) that you obviously do. Take care of yourselves. xx

  12. I’m so very sorry for you guys Robyn I know how much you loved Sugarbutt. This has not been a very good year for your gang. You are in my thoughts.

  13. That handsome ginger funster just gave so much joy at home and abroad. Robyn and Fred, you gave Sugarbutt — as you have so many other special souls — a wonderful life and so much love and freedom. That is everything.

    Godspeed, young man, you had my heart from the first time I met you in these pages.

  14. I’m so sorry, Robyn. He was a great cat and obviously happy and much loved. I’m going to miss seeing his sweet contented face. I keep saying each of your permanent residents is my favorite, but he’d really captured my heart. Please know I’m holding you in my thoughts.

  15. I have tears running down my face… I was just laughing about Sugie’s swag and thinking about his fire and brimstone trips to the litterbox yesterday! I can’t imagine your pain right now, I just wish I could give you a big hug in person!

    Rest in peace sweet, sweet Sugarbutt.

  16. So sorry for your loss. I remember when u got him. so sweet. And I didn’t realize that Mz Poo had passed. Its hard even when they are old. Hugs

  17. Aghhh! I know no words to make this awful time any better. Saying goodbye is so, so hard. I imagine even harder knowing you put together the Cafepress line featuring Sugarbutt yesterday. Such tiny little things leave such big holes in our hearts. RIP Suggie.

  18. I’m so sorry. I lost two kitties close together, and I still think about them. You do such wonderful things for kitties, but the heartbreak when they leave us is overwhelming. Hugs and good thoughts for peace in your heart.

  19. I am so sorry to hear this! I know how hard it is to lose even one furbaby…two so close together and three in one year is too much. Thinking of you!

  20. Oh no! I’m so sorry. Sugarbutt was one of my favorites of your cats – I have a soft spot for orange kitties. I’m going to miss seeing his pictures here. I’m sending you lots of good thoughts.

  21. I am so sorry for your’s & Fred’s loss. I know how much you both love & care for all of the very special fur people fortunate enough to come your way, it comes through with every picture & story you both post. I am certain he is bragging about you both over on Rainbow Bridge right now & will be waiting until he can see you both again. You & Fred truly are doing the work of the Angels right on earth with all you do for these very special fur people. Sending condolences, sympathy to you both. God bless you both every day, but especially now. ❤️

  22. Sugarbutt was a very happy and lucky boy to call Crooked Acres his home, and to know your love. My heart goes out to you and Fred.

  23. What a wonderful life that big sweet boy had with you…..we all know what you are going through. This though is just too much after MizPoo. I am just so so sorry.

  24. Its bad enough when it’s expected, such a cruel sucker punch when it’s not. My heart just hurts for yall. I’m so very sorry! XOXO

  25. Robyn I so sorry to about Sugarbutt. I read this on Fred’s facebook page yesterday and was both shocked and saddened. I have two 9 year old kitties now and know how I would feel do suddenly lose one of them. The last cat I lost was 24 so I knew it was time for her to go. A big hug to you and Fred.

  26. Dear Robin,

    My thoughts are with you on this bleak day.

    I’ve never commented before even though I’ve been a loyal reader of love-and-hisses for many years and it was you who (unknowlingly) convinced me to adopt a second cat.

    Sugarbutt, Miz Poo and all the other cats who have graced our lives are greatly missed and forever will be.

  27. I’m so so sorry for your loss! My heart is breaking for you and Fred. You are both in my prayers. Hugs to brother Tom Cullen

  28. I lost a cat at 8 years old one time — kidney failure. Such a shock, especially when it’s unexpected. So sorry for your loss. (((((((((((Hugs)))))))))

  29. Robyn, what a terribly sad time for you and Fred and the Permanent Residents. It seems so unfair, especially after losing Corbie and Miz Poo.

    Sugarbutt had the life that every cat deserves but doesn’t always get – endless love, food and pettings a wonderful home and companions (furry and hoomin), treats a-plenty, and legions of people from the innernet who loved him through your stories and photos. I loved seeing his little face, and reading about his antics, and of course loved getting the banner of him and his siblings as tiny kittehs.

    None of our cats stay with us long enough – I think it’s the very worst thing about giving our hearts to these wonderful creatures, but a sudden loss just takes our breath away.

    Thank you for sharing Suggie with us – he was such a special boy. Your words and photos helped my heart heal after losing my Zoey almost two years ago now. The pain is still there, but my heart has made peace and made room for the funny and loving memories of her. I pray the same will come for you and Fred. Sending you love and hugs and prayers to get you through this very sad and difficult time. xxx

  30. Of course you are forgiven! That such a shock. So very sorry you had to say goodbye to dear Sugarbutt, and the 3rd one so soon. Thinking about you and trusting that time and the other Crooked Acres felines will help heal the hurt. Hugs.

  31. Robyn, I’m so sorry for another loss. My thoughts are with you and Fred.

  32. I’m so sorry for your loss Robyn – I’m gonna miss that sweet orange boy.

  33. I am so sorry y’all are grieving. We grieve with you and will miss his stories…

  34. Oh I am so sorry. I have a soft spot for orange guys. I know your heart hurts.

  35. I’m so sorry for your loss. As much as I love seeing the kittens, my favorite things were you sharing the lives of your permanent residents and thank you so much for sharing Sugerbutt’s

  36. God bless you and Fred and your beautiful animal family. There are no words at this difficult time. Love to you all

  37. What a shocking loss. I will miss seeing his sweet, kissable face. I know he was one contented, loved, and cherished member of your family. Sending the hope that the memories of his wonderful life with you all will sustain you in the days to come.

  38. so sorry for your loss of your Sugarbutt. I enjoyed reading about him and how he got his name. I hope in time you and Fred find peace in your memories of him.

  39. I am so sorry to read about Sugarbutt. It always to hard to lose one of our family memberss

  40. Oh, Sugarbutt. Oh, Robyn and Fred. I am so very sorry. So extremely sorry. Love to you all.

  41. Poor Robin. This has been a crappy year for you guys. I know what you are going through. We lost our 11 year old the same way and it hurts so much. You guys are in our thoughts and we lit a candle for you.

  42. I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve lost two kitties this year and understand your pain. He was a beautiful cat and you gave him a wonderful life.

  43. Hi, same thing happened to my Mama cat. My vet suspected liver cancer, and yes it happened fast. She died in my arms the night before I was going to let her go. She was the same age as your baby. Still hurts more than anything because there was nothing I could do. Prayers, purrs and hugs… time is a healer, but losing so many babies at once must be so heartbreaking… Just know that you will see them all again.

  44. ((hugs)) to you and Fred. I’m sorry this happened and I hope you find your peace quickly.

  45. Oh no, that’s such a bad surprise. My 15 year old boy went quickly like that in the winter, and you don’t want to put a feeding tube in a cat who feels bad to begin with and isn’t getting better. He was a very happy cat with you his whole life and you didn’t make him hang on feeling bad.

  46. I am so sorry for your loss, Robyn. Sugarbutt was such a sweet kitty. His face will be missed.

  47. So so very sorry for your loss.
    I know words won’t make it feel better, I can’t even imagine. I send you hugs.

  48. So sorry to hear this. Sugarbutt was a special kitty, as they all are. You sure have had a rough year. You are in my thoughts.

  49. My heart weeps for you and Fred. Sugarbutt was my Basil’s doppelganger, and he was such a sweet boy. So sorry you had to say goodbye. Hugs.

  50. I’m so sorry Robyn… each and every kitty in your home play a vital role in how things run and I’m sure Sugarbutt has left a huge hole… take comfort in the fact that he lived a beautiful life on Crooked Acres and now is feeling healthy and happy as he watches from above. My heart goes to you and your family.

  51. Robyn, I am so sorry for your loss. You and Fred are so good to all the kittys that come into your life. RIP Sugarbutt.

  52. I am so sorry to hear about Sugarbutt. I remember him from the beginning and I always enjoyed seeing his sweet face. I lost my 10-year-old tortie cat unexpectedly six weeks ago, and it absolutely knocked the breath out of me too. Thank you for sharing Sugarbutt with us for all these years. You and your family are all in my thoughts.

  53. Oh, how incredibly sad. You and Fred are in my thoughts and prayers. You must be feeling so battered right now. Bless you for all you do for all of your cats, permanent and foster. And may the pain fade quickly, leaving only good memories.

  54. I am so incredibly sorry. I feel like the wind was knocked out of me, too. I can’t imagine how y’all are feeling. Much love from me to you.

  55. Oh Suggie! :,-( I’m so sorry Robyn & Fred. Sugarbutt has been my fave since I first ever looked at your blog. My heart hurts for you. Sending hugs and peace your way.

  56. I am so very sorry for your loss. I have a soft spot for orange kitties anyway, and Sugarbutt was one of my favorites. He will be missed

  57. Catherine pretty much said it as I would, so much love to you & Fred during this very sad time.

    On a lighter note, in an earlier entry I suggested naming a future foster kitten “Toot-Sweet” in reference to the very lovely mama Lucy who I adored… and now I think it would be a very nice idea to also name another foster in that same future litter “Sugartushie” in honor of our much-loved & missed Sugarbutt! His legacy should live on!


  58. Condolences to you two and your fur babies on the loss of Sugarbutt. Our pets always take a chunk of our heart when they’re gone.

  59. I am sad to read this about Sugarbutt. My heart goes out to you and Fred.

    May you take some comfort in the fact that Sugarbutt is now up in heaven judging you.

  60. I am so sorry. At this point words won’t help to much. But you have a lot of people sending love.

  61. Oh Robyn! I am so sorry! I lost 2 of my dear ones – a dog and a cat – 2 weeks apart and know just how devastating it is to lose two furbabies like that! Huge hugs coming your way!


  62. I’m so sorry to learn you are having to deal with additional sadness, and that you have lost Sugerbutt. It must have been hard to have to write this post, but harder yet to leave a hole in his story until you are able to gather pictures and memories. My heart and thoughts go out to you.

  63. I can’t believe this has happened to you again so soon after losing Mz Poo. My sincerest condolences going out to you & Fred. They always take a little piece of you with them when they have to leave. I guess it’s the price we pay for loving them.
    Run free at the Bridge Sugarbutt.

  64. I’m so,so sorry, Robyn. I saw Fred’s post about this last night and had to read it twice, to make sure I understood. It’s hard when you know it’s coming, but devestating when it’s unexpected. I lost two (of my three) cats within a month a few years ago. The first was expected, the second – she died while I was at work. She was fine when I left that morning, but I came home to find her in a kitty bed, with my remaining kitty, Harley, sitting next to her. I think Harley was as upset as I was – she clearly knew Dolly was gone.

    Well, enough about me – my heart is with you and Fred….

  65. I am so very sorry. I’ve lost cats fast and slow and they’re both horrible in their own ways. I wish your heart may heal and the world will stop trying to break it for a good long time.

  66. OMG. I can’t believe it. Poor Suggie. I’m so sorry for your loss. Crying buckets.

  67. Robyn and Fred, I am so very sorry read this. You’ve had a rough year and an even rougher couple of weeks 🙁 I have no words, just sending great big hugs to both of you. I hope you can take some comfort in knowing what a great life you gave Sugarbutt (and all your furry and feathered companions) at Crooked Acres.

    Rest in Peace, sweet, orange boy! Wishing you all you favorite things in kitty heaven.

  68. (hugs)
    I am so sorry for your loss. It always hurts, but sudden loss definitely feels worse, as there’s no time to prepare, and the shock is too much. I know Suggie will be hanging out with Miz Poo and Corbie, and missing you terribly.

  69. Oh, Robyn, I am so very sorry for your loss. I know the pain you feel – 2012 was like that for me. We lost one we kind-of expected at 12, then our 11 year old threw a blood clot that paralyzed his back legs, and our 2 year old died of FIP. It took a long time to process the pain and heartache.

    Please be gentle with yourself. Hug Fred and the other cats. I hope it helps knowing that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are giving you a virtual hug and crying along with you.

  70. Ugh. This is too much. I’m still grieving Corbie and I didn’t even know him… I. Can’t. Even. imagine losing 3 in. a year……………. I’m so sorry…

  71. I also saw this on Fed’s Facebook this morning. No words will suffice, just know you are in my thoughts and heart and I truly hope and pray this is the end. RIP sweet Suggie, Miz Poo and Corbie.