6-10-21 Thursday

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The foster room is packed! (Said Fred: “Well, that’s 60% of the house. The rest of the house should be a breeze.”) The boxes are all downstairs in the garage. Carrying all those boxes down the stairs was an experience (yes, I carried them myself. I’m stronger than I look!)


Jake surveys his domain.

Not gonna lie, I’m going to miss that bay window over the sink. In truth, if we could have picked up this house and plopped it down in the middle of an acre or two, I’d have totally done that! Moving an entire house, as it turns out, is wildly expensive. Just a little helpful information from me to you.

“Stop following me, lady!”


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6-10-21 Thursday — 14 Comments

  1. Lol, look at Jakey’s face, all offended yet oh-so kissable.

    Wow, the kitten room looks huge! I laughed when I read “Well, that’s 60% of the house…” – that’s me whenever I’ve had to pack my yarn stash.

    • That foster room makes me drool. Built-ins! And the SIZE. I have a 101 year old house and two of my bedrooms could fit in that.

    • I look at the kitten room and think it would be a great yarn room!! Last time I moved a long distance (14 years ago), my stash fit in one bin that I took in the car with me. That wouldn’t work now!!

      • Haha. Me too. Until a week ago, I worked at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. My sewing machines has went from 2 to 3 and I gave away 2. My fabric, yarn stash and tools went from 4 banker boxes to a wall of shelves plus. My office went to craft room when I ran out of room for my small computer desk and small drawer stack. Thank goodness I quit. Lol

  2. I must admit that seeing a very vacant foster room put a lump in my throat…but we will always have pictures of the past 3-4 years to enjoy…and a new foster room (WITH A SINK) to look forward to, along with litters yet to be born!

    Have an easy and safe move, Robyn, Fred and The Perms!

    • I just got a little clench in the chest, myself, which kind of surprises me because for all of its beauty and those back stairs off the fabulous kitchen with its big island and… wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah… somehow Shady Cove posts just haven’t felt quite as “homey” as Crooked Acres’. I hope we’ll get to see flowers and ‘maters and creepy-crawly round-ups every so often again.

  3. Good to know that moving an entire house like that one is wildly expensive, haha.

    Is that Khal in the Jake-domain-surveying picture too, performing a yard equipment inspection?

  4. Oh, the foster kitten room looks so sad empty! I’m looking forward to seeing what the new one, with a SINK!, looks like. The best of luck with everyting.

  5. Wow, you’re so efficient! I should call YOU to do my packing next time I move, lol. 😀 It’ll be so interesting to see how the Permies react to another new environment!

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