6-10-19 Monday

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Today’s post is devoted to Charles and Caroline (with a few pics of Almanzo tossed in); I didn’t include any of Les Chatons in today’s post because it got so long. Rest assured they’re fine, and after I spent 9 hours scrubbing and moving things yesterday, they are now inhabiting the room that used to be Fred’s office. There will be plenty of pictures of them in tomorrow’s post and from now on, I promise.

“Hey! Innernets! I was Almanzo, and now I’m Cooper! And you can follow me and my big doggy brother (Alf) and big kitty sister (Madison) on Facebook or on Instagram!”

He was an excellent sleeping companion, and I hear he still is. That’s a valuable life skill, is what that is.

Hanging out with Pa a little while before he went home.

Charles hanging out on Fred’s bed.

Caroline, too.

Caroline looks a bit annoyed with Charles, doesn’t she?

Glamour shot.

Charles has a comfy.

It was hard to get a good shot of Charles and Caroline and their little suitcase of toys because she kept grabbing the candy cane. (And yes, I sent it home with her.)

I sent Charles’s favorite toy home with him, too.

So, Saturday morning, I woke up early, and we got Charles and Caroline in their harnesses and in the cage in the back of my car with no problems.

See that piece of cardboard behind their cage? That’s there because it was providing a little privacy for…

Marty (left) and Herschel! They were going to Michigan too, to be handed off to Ginny, who has adopted from Forgotten Felines in the past, lives in Michigan, and was planning to adopt more FF kitties. Since Charles and Caroline were going to Michigan, it seemed the perfect chance for these two to grab a ride too.

I was meeting Charles and Caroline’s new family in Nashville, which is a 2-hour drive for me. They’d driven from Michigan to Nashville Friday night and spent the night, and my driving the cats up to meet them saved them 4 hours on their drive – which meant they could make it back home in one day instead of needing to stop and spend the night in a hotel room.

Herschel and Marty didn’t make a peep on that 2 hour drive. Caroline settled down after about 10 minutes. Charles, on the other hand, fretted and wailed and stuck his paws through the cage to pat at my shoulder, and paced as best he could, and then to top it all off, he used the litter box so stinkily that I had to stop and scoop the litter box. He finally calmed down about an hour and a half into the ride.

The handoff went flawlessly, despite all my worries. Herschel and Marty were moved, crate and all, from my car to Carrie’s. Charles and Caroline, wearing their harnesses with leashes attached, were transferred from my crate to the crate in Carrie’s car, which was all set up. We chatted for a while, and then I left.

My last shot of the fabulous couple.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to fosters, but I’ve gotten used to it over the years. I mean, we’ve fostered nearly 400 – at some point you have to know that it’ll be painful for a few days, but the pain will pass. But saying goodbye to Charles and Caroline was especially hard. They’ve been part of our lives every single day for 5 months and of course we miss them. But I have no doubt that they are now in the home where they were meant to be, and will be spoiled rotten.

Word is that they were absolute angels on the trip home, wanting to be petted a lot. Ginny met them in Michigan, got her two new family members, and grabbed these pictures.

The two questions I’ve been asked the most (aside from whether I sent Caroline’s candy cane home with her) – yes, they are keeping their names, and there will be a Facebook page or Instagram when their new family gets a chance.

AND here’s an update!

Carrie says: Charles and Caroline had a busy first day 😽 they were very involved with the cleaning and organizing of their quarters but there was lots of time for naps 💤 and snuggles

That last picture cracks me UP. It’s very “Privacy, pls.”

(Thank you so much, Carrie!)


Lastly, a couple of videos.

Almanzo’s last day with us – first he nursed (I TELL y’all that they’ll nurse ’til they’re separated. They always do!) and then he flew away.

YouTube link

And Charles could hear Fred on the other side of that door and he wanted OUT OUT OUT and wasn’t afraid to tell everyone within earshot.

YouTube link


King Newt on his throne.


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6-10-19 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. Wow, was it really 5 months?! We’ll all miss them, this fabulous family. But, much as you are, I’m happy to know that it all ends well with them, finding their forever families.

    And a picture of King Newt makes everyone smile.

  2. I love that you anticipate your readers’ fears. I peeked at flickr last night, didn’t see any pics of the babies and went into panic mode. Sigh

  3. So happy for Caroline and Charles. Things look fabulous for Almanzo also!

  4. So happy for all of them!! And it’s great that they all went off in pairs, except for Almanzo/Cooper, but I know that he landed in a great spot too. Still, it’s bittersweet. What a family!! And What fun we had sharing their journey. They were just SPECIAL, that’s all there is to it.

  5. I am still not used to seeing a cat in a window and an actual road in view. I forget we aren’t on the farm anymore.

  6. Charles and Caroline are just a gorgeous pair. Caroline is so shiny and sleek in her tux and Charles with his tabby and white coloring is so striking. Their new family is so lucky, I feel sure they are going to be a lot of fun to have around.

  7. I feel like Caroline is saying “Charles, our bag clearly over the 50 lbs weight limit – that ball has got to go!” 😉