5-23-23 Tuesday

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Jay smacked a ping pong ball, which went rolling by Myrtle. She wasn’t expecting it, so put on her medium floof suit in response.

Myrtle and Zelda, fighting through the Ham-mick. As you do.

I guess that track ball toy makes a comfy pillow. Who knew?

Nick, under the ham-mick, smacking at Daisy’s tail. Of COURSE.

Nick’s all “Who, me? I’d never!” Please note that his feet are pushing up against Zelda, who is on top of the Ham-mick.

Myrtle caught Daisy’s tail!

Fortunately she practices catch and release.

Little bit of attitude from Zelda.

It’s a basket full o’ Jay.


While you’re admiring this lapful of tussling kittens, please especially admire Starling’s delightfully spotted belly.

That smile on Wren’s face just kills me.

“I just can’t help it, lady. I’m the CUTEST.” True story!

Starling’s face of concentration when she’s at the bottle is the cutest. She is SERIOUS.

Plover is just the chillest little angel baby ever.

Rufous considers his next move.

The biggest Nestling news is that Rufous, at 460 grams, is now OVER the 1-pound mark! That’s a little on the small side for a 5 week old kitten, but it’s not TERRIBLY small, and I am not complaining. Also, he’s using the litter box so religiously that I’ve stopped stimulating him to potty AND he’s continuing to eat canned food and kibble on his own.

Wren is still using the litter box to pee, and both Starling and Plover are using the litter boxes to pee too, so it’s good news all around!


It’s a rough life for a magnificent Khal.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Look who turned 9 weeks old on Saturday! These kittens who were in the middle of playing wildly when I snatched ’em up and made them pose for pictures. Don’t they look pleased? Not my finest work but OH WELL.⁠

You can see their weight chart here.

Just a reminder that Daisy is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.⁠

YouTube link
Wren goes exploring, and then has the zoomies.

I’m going to say, judging by her constant bedhead, Plover is going to be a floofy kitten. You heard it here first!

YouTube link
Myrtle has a complaint or two (OH, that sweet husky voice!), and then no one cops to being da BAYbee. Hmph.

Zelda is all “Paws UP, y’all!”

Good night innernets. (Starling & Plover)


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  1. What gorgeous and good babies! All that litter training, congrats. Hoping your job gets easier and easier with the kittens, they seem to be coming along brilliantly.

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