5-23-16 Monday

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Sleepy Chanandler Bong.

Sweet Susie.

“Keepin’ an eye on you, lady,” says Art Vandelay.

Art’s got a skeptical.

Here we have Art, balancing on my desktop computer, doing his best to pull a thumbtack out of the bulletin board. (Yes, I took a picture. Have you met me? And yes, I immediately removed and hid all the thumbtacks.)

Posin’ brudders.

Apparently the cat tree is TASTY. ::thlurrrp::

Give it up, Princess Consuela. No one’s buying the wide-eyed innocent look.

Ken “Moe” Adams gets his Kravitz on.

The ceiling fan is a constant source of fascination, still.

Chanandler in the sun.

I weighed all the kittens on Thursday. Chanandler’s the smallest, at 2 pounds, 12 ounces. Ken’s the biggest at 3 pounds, 12 ounces. That’s right, he weighs a full pound more than she does! The other boys are not far behind Ken, and Princess Consuela and Susie are both at just over 3 pounds.

We’re on our final week with these guys, as y’all know – they’re off for their spaying and neutering tomorrow morning, and they’ll be home sleeping it off tomorrow evening. I expect all to go well, aside from the part where they’re STARRRRRRRVINGGGGGGGGGG tomorrow morning due to a lack of food overnight!


Alice likes to hang out on the air unit right outside the computer room window – when Sheriff Mama isn’t spending time there, that is. (And before you start worrying, no cat can get his or her tail pulled into the air unit fan; there’s a screen to prevent that from happening.)

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5-23-16 Monday — 5 Comments

  1. Question: There’s “tabby,” “toritie,” “torbie,” “calico,” “tuxedo,” plus the basic white/black/grey/orange cats. What’s the term for cats like Chanandler Bong, Ken Adams, Art Vandelay, and Susie: mostly white, but with patches of grey, black, or darkish tabby, typically with a “raccoon tail.” My cat Eddy has similar markings, including an ineffective camouflage patch on the inside of his leg. I like to say his coat was made up of bits leftover from other cats. Thoughts?

    Pic of Eddy’s Moment of Glory (in the I Can Has Cheeseburger Calendar): https://www.flickr.com/photos/bontempscharly/15511345140/in/dateposted-public/

    Especially cute pic of Eddy and his girl (he’s five months older than she is; they both turn 12 this year): https://www.flickr.com/photos/bontempscharly/8001776357/in/photolist-qp2cNY-fqibPd-5DHcwq-dc6ckk

  2. Yep the Posin’ brudders truly look like they are posing. Love that “Ken “Moe” Adams gets his Kravitz on.” I wonder if everyone knows where that name came from.

    I’m going to miss those kittens. May the remaining duo find the purrfect home whether it’s together or separately – oh and we musn’t forget Mommy – may her parents come for her soon.

    • They do, but they’re sneaky and most often climb in for a snuggle when I don’t have a camera or phone nearby! Such brats. 🙂