4-19-20 Weekly Roundup

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“Just because we’re stuck inside these days doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally throw on our finery and look SMASHING, humans.” Mama Isabella is the FANCIEST.

To the casual passerby, this looks like a sweet Alejandro helping to keep his brother clean. In reality, we all know that the kittens had just had their probiotic and Alejandro hoped that Pablo had some on his face.

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Brudderly love – Javier keeping Alejandro clean, and then Pablo gets in on it for a moment. Too sweet, these boys.

Diego is a well-dressed kitten.

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Wherein the kittens startled themselves and then walked around all poofed. Don’t look at me – I didn’t do a thing, they did it to themselves!

Alejandro’s open mouth of outrage is killing me, as are Javier’s toeses.

Good night innernets. (Diego, Javier and Pablo.)

Post-breakfast cleanup. Alejandro in the front and Pablo in the back.

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Pablo and Javier show off their tree-climbing skills.

Isabella is headed off for her spay surgery! No more babies for her (and she’s not sad about that – neither are we!)

“What doin’, weird lady?” Left to right: Javier, Carmelita, Alejandro, Diego (in the back) and Pablo.

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Alejandro has a lot to say!

Isabella is home from her spay surgery and doing great, though still feeling the aftereffects of the whole experience, as you can see by those eyes. I took this picture about half an hour ago. I tried to keep her in the bathroom so she could have a little quiet time to herself, but she let me know immediately, and very loudly, that that was not what she wanted. At first she hissed the kittens away from her (and Javier was so offended he ran and hid), and snoozed on the couch. Now she’s more relaxed and even gave Pablo a little bath. And best of all, NO MORE KITTENS FOR HER!

Good night innernets… Pablo will sleep like an angel on his bed of floofy house panthers.

Diego shows off his post-breakfast cleaning skills. Thlurrrp!

Mama Isabella came through her spay surgery just fine! No more kittens for her, and she’s fine with that. Her description is below – we’re located in Huntsville, Alabama, and she’ll be ready to go home in a few weeks. If you’re interested in adopting her, drop an email to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.⁠

Isabella (DOB: 1/29/17) came to us in late January 2020. She was an owner turn-in to a rural high-kill shelter, was heavily pregnant, and was in pretty rough shape physically, with fur loss and scabs due to a suspected flea allergy. This was clearly not the first time she had been pregnant (in her young life she’d probably had litter after litter of kittens), and she made us wait almost 2 weeks before giving birth to 5 kittens in the middle of the night. Now her kittens are nearly grown and it’s her turn to be the baby. Her fur is now very soft, her scabs are gone, and her fur is growing back in.⁠

Isabella is a very sweet and friendly girl who will come over you instantly to be petted. She is all about hanging out with people and loves to flop down against you and be petted for a good long time. You can pick her up and hold her against you and pet her or pick her up and move her from one spot to another, trim her claws, look at her ears, kiss her on the head, and tell her what a gorgeous girl she is, and she doesn’t mind one little bit. When she first came to us all she wanted was to be cuddled and wasn’t interested in playing, but now that her kittens are a bit older, she can occasionally be spotted playing chase with them. Her favorite thing to do is lie in the middle of a trackball toy and snooze. She’ll chase a toy mouse if you toss it for her – and if she’s in the right mood – and her favorite toy is a ball made of dog fur, which she carries around while she announces her “kill.” ⁠

Right now, because she’s so protective of her kittens, she isn’t out around other adult cats. We expect that, if introduced slowly, she’ll get along fine with other cats and dogs.

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Diego needs a bath, and Alejandro’s just the one to get the job done!

As long as you’re comfy, Alejandro. (That boy could not possibly be more pleased with himself. SERIOUSLY.)

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Javier shows off his skittering and floofing skills. Talented boy!

Pile o’ cute is what we have here. I love that we have Pablo on one side (left), Alejandro on the other, and the three black kittens (front to back: Diego, Carmelita, Javier) in between. They’re like little bookends!

Good night innernets. (Diego)

Rough life, Diego. 💚

Wherein Javier needs a kiss whether he knows it or not.

Seriously, I am SO amazed that Diego still fits through that scratcher. How does he do it?!

Happy Hour has begun – our special for today is the Alejandro Quarantini with extra olives, lots of floof, and a double-helping of attitude. Limited quantities, so act fast!

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Disco Kittens, part 1. (It’s an LED flashlight; I don’t remember where I got it, but if you search on disco flashlight, you’ll find it or something similar.)

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Disco Kittens, part 2. Javier says “Disco’s dead, baby.”

Good night innernets. (Alejandro, using Carmelita as a pillow.)

Alejandro wonders why there’s a sweater-wearing rat on his chair (and in the next second he smacked it onto the floor.)

We have ourselves a basket full o’ cute, right there. (Diego, Alejandro and Pablo)

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Carmelita & Pablo: first they skitters, and then they fights.

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Throw Back Thursday: In 2012 we fostered our first pregnant feral, Emmy, who had 4 kittens: Darwin, Logie, Newbury and Razzie. Razzie was born with a partial tail, and is the one you’ll see bouncing around at the beginning of the video before she decided to CLIMB INTO the track toy. (They were about 5 weeks old in this video.) I was sure she was going to be stuck and we’d have to take it apart to get her out, but she slid out on her own (and I removed that toy from the foster room.)

Oops! I nearly let Thlurrrpsday go by without a thlurrrpy kitten pic. Thank you for your help, Alejandro!

Good night innernets. (Please admire Isabella and Carmelita’s matching yawns. CUTIES.)

Remember the cardigan Fred crocheted and Javier modeled a couple of weeks ago? He’s kinda grown, and it kinda hasn’t. Doesn’t really fit any more. They grow so fast! (And this picture makes him look SO long and lanky.)

Bein’ in a basket of toys gives Pablo the loony eyes. (Disclaimer: everything gives Pablo the loony eyes.)

In case you ever wondered what the roof of Diego’s mouth looks like.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Pablo, Carmelita, Diego, Alejandro & Javier.

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Diego’s got two toys, and he’s so talented he can carry one and bat the other around. Such a smart boy.

Isabella’s got some quiet time to herself. You gots a problem with that? (If you’re interested in adopting Isabella, please email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org)

Good night innernets. (Alejandro)

Snuggling with Javier.

“You gots a little somethin’ on your face, Pablo. Here, let me clean it off for you!” That Alejandro, such a helper.

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Kitten Fight Club, featuring Pablo, Carmelita & Javier. That Pablo is quite the rough-and-tumble little dude!

I love it when kittens do this. (Javier)

Pablo’s keeping an eye on Fred. (I love Pablo’s little profile, so much like his mother’s!)

“I sees you, lady.” (Diego)

Good night innernets. (Isabella)


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4-19-20 Weekly Roundup — 5 Comments

  1. Wow, Isabella is such a beautiful girl!

    Diego in a tie. I can’t even… is that the same one Sugarbutt used to wear?

  2. You can definitely see that most of their eyes have changed to green now. I love them when they’re blue but they are very beautiful now as well. I love love love the photo of Javier being snuggled.

  3. Robyn, you have outdone your photographic genius today as far as I am concerned. But then again, I think I have repeated that very statement many times LOL! In the past, when not fostering, have you ever thought of going into photography? You definitely have an “eye.” And, that photo of Alejandro Quarantini, deserves to be in a calendar, a print, or something, I love it!!