3-2-22 Wednesday

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Edited to add: 6:10 am: WE HAVE KITTENS. Just after 4:45, she went into labor (I was sleeping, of course), and 1 1/2 hours later we have 3 kittens. She’s not done, but wants her privacy so I’m leaving her alone for now!

Edited to add: 8:15 am, we are up to a total of 5 kittens (including a tiny calico).


Post-breakfast Mimosa.

Pretty Mimosa in the sun.

Little bit of attitude here.

And a little MORE attitude, here.


In case you missed it in Monday’s post (or on social media over the weekend), Dippers kitten Franco Fondue was returned last week. It was a tough decision for his family, but the other kitty in the house was really really stressed out by him always wanting to play (she’s very much not a rough-and-tumble kitty), so they made the decision to return him.

And today? Today he’s going home to join his brothers Alfie Alfredo and Christopher Chutney in Mobile (Alabama). I’m meeting their mama halfway between here and there so she doesn’t have to make that long drive again. I went to Michelle’s yesterday morning and brought him home with me to spend the night.

He is one sweet, happy boy. I think he and his brothers will be BFFs again in no time!

So grown up, but still such a kitten. (He’s 9 months old.)

I think we can all be pretty confident that while I’m gone for several hours today, Mimosa will give birth to her kittens. Because she’s just that mean!


Jake’s feelin’ loony.


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SIGH. Still no kittens. (And upon rewatching this, I HEAR myself telling Mimosa “There’d BETTER be March babies!”, like I don’t know that she’ll take it as a challenge and refuse to have them until April. Amateur move, Robyn!)

Look who it is! Dippers kitten Franco Fondue is here with us for a day, chilling out, before he heads home tomorrow to join his brothers Alfie Alfredo and Christopher Chutney! He’s confined to my room for right now (we have plumbers in the house at the moment) and is currently racing around playing with toys and rubbing against everything. What a SWEETHEART. ❤️

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Franco Fondue – one of the Dippers kittens, who was adopted at the end of October – was returned last week. He is just here with us until tomorrow morning, when he is headed home to join Alfie Alfredo and Christopher Chutney, who were adopted back in December together!

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Watching the belly. There’s a LOT of movement tonight. I don’t think it could possibly be much longer before we see kittens. (Famous last words.)

Good night innernets. (Franco Fondue, left, and Mimosa, right.)


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3-2-22 Wednesday — 14 Comments

  1. Yay, kittens! And of course she waited until the day you need to drive halfway to Mobile to bring Franco Fondue to his forever family. Because Mimosa, of course!

  2. Ooo yay we have kittens safe labor to her and safe travels to you and franco

  3. Congratulations to Mimosa and the whole family. It’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday today. I know you have your heart set on “invasive species” names, but wouldn’t some Dr. Seuss names have been cute? Marvin K. Mooney, Sam I Am, Sneetch, Horton, etc.

  4. Yay for kittens! Five is a perfect number — and a calico!!!! Also yay for Franco Fondue joining his brudders!

  5. Yaaaaay kittens! Double yay teeny calico! *coughs* Ahem.

    Congratulations, Franco Fondue and brothers, and people. 🙂 That’s going to be a houseful of playful orange fun, even more than it already is!

    I can’t get over the tiny calico. 😀

  6. Kittens AND Franco joining Christopher and Alfie? We are positively OMG-ing all over the place here! THANK YOU, family of Christopher and Alfie! And big nods to you too, Mimosa. We knew you’d have gorgeous kittens!

  7. Hurray for Franco! So glad he is joining his orange and white brothers. This makes me so happy. I was hoping someone would adopt all three together as they just seem like a “crew” that belongs together. And now its happened! I’m sure his former adopter feels a little better now knowing he is going to a good home so quickly. =^..^=

    Oh, and kittens!!!

  8. Tiny Calico is what we call the semi-feral Calico kitty we’ve been taking care of for the last couple of years.

  9. Glad everyone entered the world safely! Welcome little ones! Safe travels Robyn and Franco! Happy life young man! We need happy news now!

  10. Yay!! Good job, Mama Mimosa. Welcome dear little baby-heads… we love you already! Now get to growin’ (but not TOO fast).