5-10-19 Friday

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Does anyone have any advice on dealing with chewers? Both like paper and one likes wires/cords (all currently covered) but the other one likes chewing wood corners. Specifically a headboard that belonged to my great-grandparents and my brand new coffee table. Is there anything wood-safe and not completely ugly that would deter the Bubba from this particular source of dietary fiber? Any advice greatly appreciated.

You could buy that sticky stuff – basically two-sided tape – to stick to the spots where he’s chewing, but (1) it’s kinda ugly and (2) I’d worry about it messing up the finish on your furniture. Hopefully someone else will have a good suggestion, but I’ll post the question in next Friday’s post and see what comes up!

Other suggestions are Bitter Apple (Deb), Bitter End (Deborah), and citrus products, hot sauces, and lemon furniture polish (Pamela).

If you guys have any additional suggestions, please chime in!


Haven’t we had the Little House naming theme three times now?

Nope, this is the first time we’ve used it.

(For the record, y’all can see a complete list of all our fosters over here.)


Have you noticed that one kitten over the others is closer to Pa and/or Ma, or are they equally as affectionate towards them? Now that you have the actual Pa cohabitating, I’m curious.

As far as I can tell, they’re pretty much equally as affectionate – they all like to curl up with both parents, they LOVE to play with both of them. The girls might spend a bit more time curled up with Charles, but the boys snooze with him too. (I would love to walk into the room and find the whole family curled up together on the bed, but I haven’t seen that yet!)


do you think you could tell them apart without their collars now?

I think I could, but it would take a lot of staring. I still can’t tell the boys apart at first glance, but I have no problem with the girls.


So, what does Archie think of the new royal baby’s name? Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor


Have Charles and/or Caroline met your permanent residents? How do you think they would get on in an adoptive home that had other cats in it?

Fred’s been bringing Charles downstairs (on a harness) in the evening for 10 or 15 minutes for the past week or so. He was growly toward the other cats at first, and has calmed down a lot. It’s hard to know for sure – with the kittens in the house, even though they’re not downstairs with him, I think he still feels protective. I believe that, if introduced very slowly and given enough time, they’d adjust fine.


Is it me or are we starting to see some lanky going on with these kittens?

They are definitely starting to hit their lanky stage. They’re turning into total stringbeans!


Back in January, Happy asked for advice on socializing a feral 4 month old kitten (see that post here.)

Here’s an update!

I asked for advice in January about a feral kitten. All the comments were really helpful. I didn’t try to rush things and gave her space to get comfortable. What helped was her watching, as she kept her distance, my cat interacting me. My cat spends a lot of time on my lap. So eventually she would try lying on my ankles. Over the next couple weeks she worked her way up to my lap. No touching allowed during this period. It was a good feeling when she felt safe enough to fall asleep in my lap. She still hides if anyone else comes in the house and doesn’t like to be picked up. But I’m amazed how far she’s come, loves toys, wears herself out playing, and has become a total lovebug.

How absolutely wonderful is that? Thank you for letting me share, Happy!


Albert’s explaining things to Willie. “Not much longer and we’re gonna be tutored – I don’t know why we need to be tutored, we’re obviously so much smarter than everyone else, but whatever – and THEN we’re gonna go to our forever home, and we will be treated like KINGS and spoiled ROTTEN and we will have a million billion TOYS!”

“What doin’, weird lady?” Almanzo inquires.

Play time! (Isn’t it always play time?)

Laura’s all “Just passing through! Keep your hands to yourself, lady!”

Mary shows off her fabulous dance moves. Almanzo is suitably impressed.

Laura has a sleepy.

Almanzo and his Pa.

Laura and her Ma.

Caroline’s telling a story that clearly has the kittens enthralled.

Family portrait! (I wish Charles was on the bed, but I’ll take what I can get!) Kittens left to right: Albert, Willie, Almanzo, Laura & Mary.


“You’re ding-dang right I brought a chipmunk into the house yesterday and chased it into the computer room so it ran behind your desk and you thought I’d knocked a toy back there, so you pulled your desk out and then screamed when the chipmunk ran at you. SORRY NOT SORRY, LADY.”

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