5-16-19 Thursday

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Just a reminder that the online auction is still going on (it ends Saturday at 5 pm Central Time), with new items added every morning. Yesterday was Whiskers in the Kitchen Wednesday and some very cool stuff went up, including…

Love & Hisses coasters!

Dishtowels and hot pads!

Annnd these cute mugs!

Go check out the auction; you just might find something you have to have.


Charles is all “How YOU doin’?!”

Willie and his Pa.

Almanzo’s all “HI Pa! Whatcha doin’ down there?!”

Caroline’s FACE. I’m dead.

I love this picture so much. I wish Caroline was in it, but she wanted none of my nonsense. Left to right: Albert, Laura, Almanzo, Mary, Willie, Charles.

Laura, Mary and Almanzo, all snuggled up for a nap and feelin’ smug.

“Lookit my toes!” says Albert.

“What?” says Willie. “Haven’t you ever seen a guy get a pawdicure?”

Pa seems to be having a disturbing thought.

Yep, they’re still nursing. But only for very short periods of time, and not nearly as often.

And Caroline’s weight is stable, right around 6 pounds, 12 ounces for the past month or so. She’s still pretty small, but she’s not skin and bones the way some of our previous moms have been.

You can see the kittens’ weight chart at the bottom of their page, here. Their combined weight is now 18 pounds, 12 ounces, which puts them at more than double Caroline’s weight, and in fact they weigh several pounds more than Charles, too.


OH, that Khal. Have I mentioned how magnificent he is? Probably not.


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