3-18-19 Monday

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Just a note: Friday evening I found out that Facebook had decided love-and-hisses.com (the domain, not the Facebook page) “violates community standards” and so any links from Facebook that included the domain were removed, and any attempts to link to love-and-hisses.com are not allowed to go through. (This is not something Facebook bothered to tell me; I’ve heard zero from Facebook at this point.)

I’ve repeatedly clicked the option to request a review and all the other options I had, and it’s been complete crickets-chirping silence from Facebook. There’s no way to contact Facebook support directly that I can tell, and so I guess we’ll wait and see what happens. Until then, it really doesn’t make any difference to those of you who come to the blog directly, but for the people who click on the daily link that posts on the Facebook page, I had to figure out a work-around (sharing a link to a WordPress page that has a clickable link to this page) and while it’s a bit of a pain, it’s not THAT much of a pain so like I said – we’ll see what happens.

It could be worse – at least they didn’t remove the Love & Hisses Facebook page, and I can still post pictures and videos to it. But it’s frustrating and it’s a good thing I can’t destroy things by thinking very angrily about them, is all I’ll say.


Look at these sweet sisters…

Why’d you wake us?

That of course is Amber on the left (who was our bottle baby Ambercup of the Squash Bugs litter back in 2015) and on the right is Phoenix, from our Mercury’s Missions litter in 2017. I just love seeing those girls snuggled up and so happy, don’t you?

(Thanks, Debra!)


In future years, when I think of Willie, I will forever remember him sitting around with a little formula right below his mouth. He and Mary are the biggest fans of the bottle.

Him has a sleepy, him does.

Albert is all “Pardon me madam, I heard there was a bottle to be had?”

Laura playing with Ma’s tail and watching her self-bathing technique.

Almanzo shows off his belly spots (and kind of blends into that blanket, doesn’t he?)

“That weird lady is taking our picture again, Pa.”
“Yeah, she does that a lot.”

“We SEE you, lady.”

Charles is utterly fascinated with this scratcher. Any time one of the kittens tries going through the hole and he sees them, he comes running over to smack at them.



Three milk bar patrons!

Albert and Charles.

I think in a few more weeks, there will be a LOT of kittens-wrasslin’-with-Pa pictures. Charles bats at them and will (gently) bunny-kick them, but I think he’ll be glad when they’re bigger and he can really PLAY with them. He and Laura played a round of Slappy Paws yesterday that was far too adorable and then I had to kiss them both because UGH SO CUTE.

The kittens are all still being offered the bottle three times a day. They’re growing less interested (with the exception of Willie, who adores the bottle beyond all reason.) I suspect they’re starting to eat kibble and possibly some of the canned food I give Caroline and Charles, but I haven’t actually seen it happening yet, so I’m just guessing.


The Magnificent Khal.


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