3-26-19 Tuesday

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Sweet sisters Stardust (the brown tabby) and Phoenix back in October 2017…

And now!

Awww. (Phoenix’s face is cracking me UP. “Seriously, Mother?”)

(Thanks, Debra!)


Laura and her toebeans.

Albert would like to know where the bottle has gone.

Charles just loves that toy so very much. Whenever he spots a kitten crawling through, he runs over and tries to grab them.

Lucky for Mary, he didn’t spot this going on.

I put the little blue cat tree in their room so that they’d have an easy way to get down from the top of the crate. They still climb down the side of the crate, though, of course.

Tiny Laura in a giant cup.

The day Laura (left) and Mary realized they could follow Ma up onto the bed and belly up to the milk bar, it was like all their dreams had come true.

I’m pretty sure I caught Mary cleaning Charles’s ears. Awww.

Willie gets a bath.

All 5 kittens at the milk bar. I’d feel sorry for her, but she flopped down and called them to her (and didn’t stop calling until they were all bellied up), so no sympathy here.

In case you missed it over on Instagram/Facebook on Sunday – one day last week Fred couldn’t find Charles anywhere, so I came upstairs to help him look. We looked under beds, we looked in closets, we looked downstairs just in case he’d escaped, and then finally Fred spotted him, in that pink cave on the shelf.

Happy as a clam. He doesn’t spend a lot of time there, but a couple of times a day he climbs in, curls up, and has some quiet time.

The winner of the Eating-Canned-Food-Like-A-Big-Boy: Almanzo! (I thought it would be Willie, honestly, but nope. Sunday Almanzo wanted nothing of the canned food I put in his mouth, and yesterday he went right to town on it. Bottle-feeding is coming to an end, I’d say.)


“Let me in, let me IN!” Newt prefers to go in and out through a door that a human has opened for him. The cat doors are for the PEASANTS.


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