3-4-19 Monday

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If that’s not a pile of cute, I don’t know what is. (Left to right we have: Laura, Albert, Willie, Almanzo and Mary.)

Getting a liiiittle bit of attitude from Albert.

Willie is turning out to be quite the little poser!

We have a climber, and an appreciative Pa. (I’m not sure who the climber is. It might be Albert.)

Charles likes to keep watch.

“Watching you, kids. You better behave!”

Charles would like you to know that those kittens aren’t the only cuties in that foster room.

Mary’s keeping an eye out.

Laura had a little bit of a crusty eye, so I put a dab of ointment in it. She did not appreciate this.

Look at Albert stomping over to Pa.


“PA! You ain’t got no milk bar!!!”

“What’s that, little Almanzo? She picked you up and then KISSED you? Yes. Yes, she IS a monster!”

Very early Sunday morning Charles entered the crate to join Caroline and her kittens, and a whole lotta lickin’ happened.

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“Pow, lady. POW! Right in the kisser!” (Newt)


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