12-9-21 Thursday

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This picture (from August) of Hannah Hollandaise in the poofy bed is to remind y’all that Andrea’s online auction to benefit Winnie’s Wish Cat Rescue and shelter ends SATURDAY. There are still tons of gorgeous beds, toys, and MORE available – click on the picture or click right here on this link RIGHT HERE to go to the auction page (you do NOT have to have Facebook or any other social media!) and see what’s what. (The ONLY reason I haven’t snatched up every single one of the beds already is because she does such great work that everything she makes holds up incredibly well, and I don’t have room to store any more, even though I am SO tempted!)


“Churu?” inquires Christopher Churutney.

These two love to sit and look out the window.

Smilin’ Alfie.

(In case you missed it, we are ADOPTION PENDING (TOGETHER!) on Christopher and Alfie! I think they’ll be headed home this weekend.)


Archie killed that dish towel and now I feel so much safer.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

And then there were two… ⁠

But don’t cry for them, innernets. Alfie Alfredo and Christopher Chutney are ADOPTION PENDING! They will go home this weekend or next, and in the meantime they’ll hang out here with us!

YouTube link
Elements kittens Barry Beryllium (brown tabby, red collar), Carli “Suspish” Calcium (classic gray tabby) and Ozzy Osmium (classic orange tabby) were adopted TOGETHER yesterday! They’ll keep their names, and they have a (human) sister who will spoil them rotten. Here’s the video where you can see them grow while we fostered them from October 4 to December 7, 2021.

(Note: I know these videos are incredibly repetitive, and I’ve used a lot of the same pictures in each video. In the future, I’ll likely do one video for the entire litter.)

YouTube link
Christopher Chutney and Alfie Alfredo certainly do love each other! (Special appearance by Carli Calcium, who found that there was no room for her. Video was made yesterday, before Carli, Barry and Ozzy were adopted and went home.)

Christopher Chutney’s balancing act. (That boy has a SERIOUSLY long tail!)

Good night innernets. (Christopher Chutney, left, and Alfie Alfredo)


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12-9-21 Thursday — 8 Comments

  1. I was so happy to see that Alfie Alfredo and Christopher Churutney (!) were being adopted I literally started clapping my hands in joy. What great news to start my day with!

  2. Aw, I got a wee bit teary when I saw those sweet boys found a home – thanks Miz Robyn for raising them right =^v^=

  3. Christopher’s tail is wonderfully long. 1st I’ve ever seen that rivals or exceeds mine (well my Aldous). At 1st I thought there was a problem bc it would just drag the floor, he was really tiny with this long appendage not certain what to do with
    Wore a little hair off even. By 6 months he discovered it but I really truly don’t think he knew it was part of him. Not like typical cat tail play. I had to inturrupt often. Then finally it all came together. And he yields that thing like a weapon or another way to hug. At 18 months it was 16 in long! At now nearly 10 yrs it has shrunk a bit to about 14.5. I guess his spine is shrinking with mine!Give us some competition Christopher and don’t forget to hug legs and faces with it!

  4. I’m so happy that Christopher and Alfie are being adopted together!

    I was fortunate enough to win a puffy bed from this year’s auction and my oldest cat has become a permanent fixture in it since it arrived. She vouches for it’s awesomeness!

  5. I don’t know what that dishtowel did or said, but I’m sure it deserved what it got!
    Ya for all the adoptions and pending adoptions!!

    Thanks for the shout out for the auction! So glad all of them are holding up so well! I am sure you put them to the test more than anyone else, so that’s really saying something!