12-9-20 Wednesday

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Earlier this year we fostered Los Mewchachos -Isabella and her kittens – who included these little goobers.

Pablo (left) and Diego.

They were adopted together, Pablo is now Rocky and Diego is now Flint.

Callie says: My boys have settled in perfectly and have made new friends. Seeing the recent post of Carmelita, I couldn’t believe how much her and Flint favor! Flint (Diego) is my shadow; whatever I’m doing, he’s doing. He’s such a lovebug and even tells me when it’s time to go to bed!

Rocky (Pablo) is my WILD CHILD and we love him for it. He’s constantly into something and know when we hear a crashing noise that Rocky is involved! He’s a beautiful, sweet boy; not a cuddler, but loves to be petted.

Thanks again for trusting me with these sweet, sweet souls!

I don’t know about y’all, but I would know Pablo’s silly face anywhere – even if I didn’t know that was him, I’d KNOW that was him!

(Thanks, Callie!)


French Fry (left) and Hush Puppy at my feet. (And a glimpse of Onion Ring over at the food bowl. Before he went home, obviously.)

I’m pretty sure this is the last picture I took of Onion Ring. Doesn’t he look smug?

French Fry’s keeping an eye on something while Eclair and Annie Oakley have a snuggle at my feet.

Eclair and Annie Oakley are enjoying the ham-mick a lot these days.

Fritter atop the cat tree. Pretty sure he needs a kiss.

Hush Puppy, flopped out and probably ready for a nap. He has the prettiest, shiniest, glossiest fur.

Somehow Pretzel’s collar came off and Hush Puppy found it, and it’s apparently the best toy ever.

He likes to carry it around and growl at everyone else.


This year, for the first time in at least a decade and probably more like 15 years, we have a full-sized Christmas tree. So far no one has attempted to take it down – though nothing on the tree is breakable, so even if someone does decide to knock it over it won’t be a big problem. (Please note Khal hanging out under the tree.)

Khal, perhaps I’ve mentioned?, is magnificent.


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12-9-20 Wednesday — 5 Comments

  1. Love the update pics on Rocky and Flint! They are adorable and it looks like everyone gets along, the best part! Thank you!!

  2. Do your kitties ever climb the trees in the backyard? If not, is it because you have anti-climb devices? Tell us more!