12-2-21 Thursday

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Carli’s tilted head of “What we doin’ now, lady?” just kills me. (These 4 were milling around at my feet, so I put ’em on the desk and took their picture. Left to right: Ozzy, Carli, Sammy, Barry.)

Alfie and Ozzy have a mutual snifferoo.

Barry’s all “Did you just poke me?” and Alfie’s all “Who, me? I’d never!”

Christopher had to stop mid-bath to see what was going on over there.

Christopher and Alfie practice looking innocent.

Ozzy’s eyeballing the feather teasers.

Carli keeps a close eye on the track ball play.

And then Carli wanders off and Nikki takes an even closer look.

Nikki on the windowsill.

Carli and Sammy check out the cat tree in my bedroom and decide it’s pretty cool.


An old shot of Dewey, who still refuses to let me take his picture because he’s just plain MEAN. But pretty, no?


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I got to see Maddy Magnesium – mama to Barry, Carli, Nikki, Ozzy, Ruthy and Sammy – yesterday. She spent the whole time on Michelle’s desk, waiting for someone to pet her. She is SUCH a sweetheart, that girl.

Boom. All 8 in one shot. Back row: Ozzy, Christopher, Alfie and Sammy. Front row: Ruthy, Carli, Barry and Nikki.

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The kittens now have the run of the entire upstairs during the day (which basically doubles the amount of space they have access to), so where are they hanging out? In the foster room, of course. And a look at who’s purring in my lap.

“Don’t look, Ethel!”

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Oh, that tiny girl (Nikki) is just a flirt. And a look at who’s purring in my lap – because why not?

Sammy and Alfie have a snuggle.

Good night innernets. (Nikki and Sammy)


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12-2-21 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. It’s so sweet to see the big kittens and the littles snuggling. I’m glad Christopher and Alfie and back with you for awhile (and I keep telling myself that I cannot adopt them!)

  2. Hee hee, DON’T LOOK, ETHEL!!” But it’s too late-she’d already been MOONED!!
    Now that song is stuck in my head!

    What is it with Dewey, and Jake, and some other’s I believe? I mean they grew up in your cat room, with you taking pictures allllll the time, they should be so used to it that they ignore it, just normal stuff. “There she is with the camera, same old same old.”

  3. You seem to have kitties purring in your lap pretty frequently with this litter! Is this turning out to be an extra lapkitteny bunch, or is it just me?

    I confess, though I won’t be copping to it outright, my RL name is pretty darn close to one of the female kittens’ names. Every time you use it in a video, I have a moment or so of… wait a–oh hey! 😛

    Oh yes they call him the streak–wheeeeeee! XD

    • Chanter, I wish you could see the pic that prompted the “Don’t look, Ethel!” caption, because it’s hilarious–a selfie that was plainly taken at naptime, because Robyn is visible from about chest-height up, lying on her back in bed in a gray t-shirt and a sort of mauve-colored zip-up hoodie, with one of the brown tabby kittens (Ruthy, I think? Is she the one with the pink collar?) curled up asleep in her armpit on the right side. And on the other side, ginger tabby Ozzy is lying right on her pillow, curled around the side of her head with his little nose pressed up against her temple, one back leg and his tail stretched across her neck, and one of his front paws resting actually ON her face, covering her eye. I literally laughed out loud at the pic itself even before I saw the caption, though that definitely drew a second snort-laugh since I’m (just barely) old enough to remember Ray Stevens as well. I doubt my description really compares to the pic, but hopefully the mental image it generates will give you a good giggle along with the rest of us!

  4. Thank you so much for the card!! Another wonderful card to add to my collection from Love & Hisses !!! This one is a treasure, thank you !!!