12-2-19 Monday

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A couple of weeks ago Khal was acting Not Right, and so Fred took him to the vet. They did bloodwork and everything came back normal, so Khal came home. The next morning he was vomiting a lot and was acting like he was in pain, so Fred took him back to the vet. Long story short: they did an X-Ray that indicated he might have a blockage, and he ended up needing to have emergency surgery, resulting in an unexpected $1,000+ vet bill at the worst time of the year. Khal is currently doing fine and has healed well.

Khal hanging out with Henri.


In Friday’s post I told y’all that I was going to take Gabrielle and Josephine to Petsmart before adoption hours. Friday morning Fred and I started dithering about who exactly should go to Petsmart – we knew Gabrielle needed to go back since she’d had a nice long break from the store, but couldn’t decide whether JoJo or Henri should be the second kitten to go. We dithered over it right up until I was ready to leave, and since Henri and Gabrielle were napping together on the table, that made the decision for me.

So, long story short (too late!) – Henri and Gabrielle are at Petsmart, Fleur and Josephine are here at home with us.

Henri and Gabrielle didn’t get any interest over the weekend, but as I understand it the store was pretty quiet, so I’m not terribly surprised. (I would really like their people to HURRY IT UP, though.)

Fleur is doing well – she’s being slowly weaned off the steroids and we’re waiting for her biopsy results. When I know something, I’ll let y’all know.

Gabrielle the poser.

Fleur gets a bath from Henri.

Gabrielle and Josephine.

Gabrielle relaxing.

Josephine, keeping an eye on me.

Four snuggly kittens.

Henri found the back of Fred’s chair quite comfy, thank you.

Same kittens, same location, different day.

Frankie wonders why Fleur and Henri are on his tree.

Henri posing.


Khal checking out the catnip a few months ago.


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12-2-19 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. Poor Khal. I hope it all has healed. I didn’t need (want is a different question) anything but I hope it was okay to use your PayPal to send Khal some funds. If it screws you up, please just delete it and I’ll try something else.

  2. Thank heavens Khal is well along on the recovery road! The store is a terrific idea! I’ve already sent in an order, and a bit more to the ‘retire the vet bill’ account. Please snorgle Khal for me when you have a minute!

  3. Oh, poor Khal!! Very glad he is on the mend.

    As for those kittens – well, they just don’t come any cuter!!

    (Hiya, Frankie!)

  4. Poor Khal, that had to have been painful for him. And the bill is painful in a different way. I had to take one for an emergency visit this morning and still waiting to hear the results of it. I have another one going for a CT scan on Friday to hopefully find out why she’s having nosebleeds. They do enjoy relieving me of any extra money I might have, even when I don’t really have any….but I wouldn’t take cash money for any of them.

  5. Sorry to be such a dodo, but how does Pay Pal work? I would like to send something, small compensation for the pics of Khal which you post–they certainly “spark joy”.