11-18-21 Thursday

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Happy Thlurrrpsday!

Yep, it was Churu time.

Ruthy the little poser.

Sammy the lapkitten.

Barry looks serious, like I just woke him up from a good nap. (I did! Not on purpose, though. I didn’t know he was sleeping.)

Nikki (front) and Carli were also napping. Sorry, girls!

Sammy, back (still?) in the lap.

Silly boys.

Carli prepares to take that tent DOWN.


Alice Mo needs her face washed, I think.

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Ozzy the lapkitten.

Sammy is just such a pretty little poser.

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The kittens are having their post-breakfast zoomies. Now that they’re fueled up, it’s time to zoom around the room!

(Permanent residents) Charlie (left) and Archie have decided it’s bath time.

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Carli’s feelin’ kneady.

Carli’s gone explorin’ (and Ruthy’s found something to chew on.)

Good night innernets. (Carli)


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11-18-21 Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. That’s quite the look Ms. Nikki is giving you… Geez girls, it’s not like you can’t find another spot, and go right back to sleep.

  2. How are the kittens liking the cactus climbing toy (seen briefly in today’s “Post-Breakfast Zoomies” video)? I got one for my normally playful girl, but she totally ignored it, so I donated it to my local cat cafe a few months ago. This week I got a note of thanks with pictures: the cats loved and played with it so much that they all but decapitated the top part!

    • They love climbing on it, but it’s funny you mention the one you donated all but being decapitated – this morning I noticed that the top is starting to come off, and I’ll need to utilize my (terrible) sewing skills to reattach it on one side!

  3. Ozzy and Sammy the lapkittens? <3! Can I steal the two of them and sneak them up to Wisconsin? It's cold and snowy here today, and I wish I had a lapful of purring soft-furred happiness.

  4. Do the kittens take long naps, or lots of short naps? I can’t remember what our kitty did for sleeping when he was little (other than that he really wanted to play at 3 am!)