11-18-20 Wednesday

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Yesterday was a bit crazy – dropping off the kittens for their spay/neuter surgeries, coming home, moving all my packing supplies and the auction items in from the garage to the house, doing shipping labels while Teresa and Karen packed like crazy, going back to pick up the kittens (it’s an hour round-trip drive), coming home to release them and then finish up shipping labels, and then a snooze on the couch while the TV played.

So one pic for today, and tomorrow things go back to regular.

Kittens came through their spay/neuter surgeries fine. Funnel Cake did NOT have his surgery because he had an elevated temperature. That could be due to stress, but we’ll be watching him to make sure he’s not getting sick. (He ate as normal last night and was playing by bedtime, so hopefully it was just stress. Unless he gets sick, he’ll go back for his neuter surgery with the rest of the kittens on Tuesday.)

Calamity Jane says “Lady, they smell FUNNY and I don’t LIKE IT!”


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  1. Thank you, Robyn – for all you do! Get some well-deserved rest! “See you on the flip side!” (Geeeeeez…. how old am I?!?!)