11-16-22 Wednesday

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Just a reminder that the 2023 calendars are now available – 7 different calendars! Go check them out here (or click on that picture of wee baby Mike above. Or if you want to think about it and maybe buy a calendar at a later date, the link is in the sidebar!)


Things have gotten cold here in Alabama (yes, I know it’s colder where you are. But I’m not living in Alabama because I’m hoping for below-freezing temperatures 6 months out of the year, AM I?) and I got out the electric blanket for my bed. I put it on the bed yesterday morning and turned it on to be sure it was working. Francesca jumped up on the bed, her eyes got wide, and she said “It’s made of warrrrrm!”

A little while later, Saul also approved.

Kim, on the other hand, discovered the heated pad on the doll bed several days ago, and she makes use of it regularly.

Mike prefers the cake pan in my office. (It’s not really a cake pan; it’s the top level to a 3-level organizer. But it LOOKS like a cake pan, right?)

And then later Mike and Francesca cooled off on the bare floor because of course they did.

This time of year, around 4:00 in the afternoon the sun shines in through the front window in my bedroom and lands across the bed, and it might be Saul’s favorite time of day.

Frannie wonders if it’s Churu time.

Family portrait! Mike, Nacho and Francesca on the taco truck, Saul on the floor, and Kim on the little scratcher.

Back to the warm bed! (Nacho in the front, Francesca in the back.)


Dewy, in 2017. Still a pretty boy (you’ll just have to take my word for it; he still does not allow me to take his picture.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

(Permanent resident) Charlie – this picture is from a couple of years ago – would like you to know that YOU, TOO could have an awesome stack of beds just like this! Andrea’s online auction to benefit Winnie’s Wishes is going on right now – and she’s got lots of these cool crocheted beds, some other beds, lots of toys, some adorable mirrors and SO! MUCH! MORE! A lot of cool stuff, we’re saying! Check it out right here.

Just a coupla girls, hanging out in the bathroom. (Nacho on the tub, Francesca on the floor.)

The fish taco truck proprietress is grumpy about the fact that those kittens of hers are terrible employees.

YouTube link
Tossing toys for kittens. Watch ’em go!

It’s Toesday, and if you’ve ever wondered what Nacho’s toes look like, get a load of these beans.

YouTube link
From the video I posted a few hours ago, here’s my favorite segment trimmed down… and then slowwwed down.

It’s entirely possible that they’ve learned that when I walk into the foster room this time of the evening and turn the light on, there’s about to be a Churu offering. (Left to right: Mike, Nacho, Francesca.)

Good night innernets. (Nacho, who needs a kiss.)


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  1. my cat Luna LOVES when the heat comes on and the radiator shelves are toasty. Of course, my cold up here in Nova Scotia is decidedly different than yours. Today it’s 2C and snow is coming on Saturday

  2. Could it be that Mike loves the “cake pan” so that he’s closer to your keyboard (when he feels like stomping on it), and your pens (when he feels like stealing them)? He’s such a character!

  3. Hi! Any recommendations for catnip free plush toys for cats? My fur-nephew has never been introduced to catnip and I’d like to find more toys for him. I have searched Chewy and PetSmart, but the results included catnip toys. Thank you in advance.