11-15-19 Friday

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Did Fred ever give this litter nicknames? With 6 tabbies he probably had to get creative!

He nicknamed Henri “Chonks” and Gabrielle “Chatters,” but everyone else was referred to by their collar color (Josephine=Purple, Beauregard=Red, Fleur=Green) or coat color (Luc=Gray Boy). I’d be surprised if he actually knew all their names at any point. Which reminds me (I don’t remember writing about this, but it’s possible I did) – back when we had the first set of Les Chatons (Amelie, Esmee, Jacques, Francois, Antoine & Madeline), I accused him of not knowing any of their names (which he didn’t deny) and we had an impromptu quiz wherein I said a name and he had to guess if we had a kitten by that name or not. As I recall, he got about 50% of them right, which is better than I’d have guessed he’d do.


I don’t think I’ve seen one single photo of Gabrielle with her mouth closed, LOL! Does she actually talk all day long?? Inquiring minds want to know

She really only chattered if I was waving a feather teaser or other toy around, or if she saw a bird or squirrel. She definitely has a lot to say when that feather teaser is waving around!


What’s the brand of the new litter catching mats you like? My only-pee-outdoors guy has suddenly become an only-pee-indoors guy so we have to upgrade the gear.

I have the iPrimio litter-catching mats and they work great! (I also have a cheaper version that I bought off of Wish, and they don’t work nearly as well – they’re also noticeably flimsier and the litter seems to slide across the top instead of into the holes.)


Seeing all the very cool stuff on the auction page, Luc counted his dollars and placed his bid.

But then someone SWOOPED IN and OUTBID HIM!

“Can I borrow more dollars, lady?”

The electric blanket was turned on, and Luc found that it was very much to his liking.

To answer the few people who have asked: I don’t think Luc misses Beauregard specifically, but he does miss having another kitten to play with. We play with him, and occasionally the permanent residents (well, Jake) will play a little round of Slappy Paws, but it’s not the same. I did think about bringing a couple of the kittens home from Petsmart to keep him company, but that takes them away from the space where they’re being viewed by people who might see them (leading to adoptions), and I don’t think that’s fair to them. Luckily, Luc will only be with us for a little more than a week, and then he goes home to join another kitten who’ll be happy to play with him.


Winter time means Alice and Newt and Archie and Frankie take turns hanging out behind the kitchen sink in the sun. If only I could train them to clean those windows instead of sneeze on them.

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11-15-19 Friday — 9 Comments

  1. Can you put those litter mats on your Recommend page? I don’t need one right at this moment, but when I do I’d like to remember! Thank you!

  2. I so want one of those gorgeous quilts on the auction site. But I kind of want grocery money for next month too.

    Why can’t I win the lottery already? Oh right, you have to buy a ticket.

    I think that you should consider placing a towel or placemat by that sink window.

    • I’ve considered it, but I get kind of splashy when I’m doing dishes, I’d be afraid it’d get wet and then gross. I mean, I’m sure AT SOME POINT there’ll be something there, but I’m resisting.

  3. “If only I could train them to clean those windows instead of sneeze on them.”

    I’ve tried Robyn, oh how I’ve tried… There isn’t enough cooked chicken and Party Mix in the world to get Malcolm crackin’ on the toilet cleaning and laundry…