11-14-19 Thursday

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I’ve been asked this on every social media platform more than once and I’m not sure I’ve answered the questions here on the blog (I may have, but everything blends together – and I know not everyone remembers every fascinating word I post here)(yes, I am also shocked at that), so here we go.

1. How long will Henri, Gabrielle, Josephine and Fleur be STUCK IN THOSE TINY CAGES at Petsmart? WILL IT BE FOREVER?!

They’re not stuck in those cages 24/7 – they are out at the very least in the morning and evening and given plenty of time to stretch their legs and play, and are given a lot of attention and love. They’re adapting fine. They will be there until they’re adopted. If they’re not adopted in a reasonable time frame, then they will either come back here or go to Michelle’s (Michelle is who I sub-foster under for Forgotten Felines) for a break. There’s no set time frame until they’re given a break, it usually depends on how the kittens are doing.

2. Will you have fosters again?/ When will the next fosters be along?

The first question’s generally asked by newer readers who don’t realize that we’ve been fostering since 2005 and aren’t planning on stopping (we’ve fostered a total of 393 cats and kittens.) We are taking a break from fostering for a little while because Frankie and Alice are showing signs of stress. There’s no end to kitten season in Alabama, and if we wanted to fill every room in the house with fosters, we’d have very little trouble doing so. However, the permanent residents come first and we need to let them breathe a little before we bring more fosters home. Also, Fred and I have a few out of town trips to take, and that’s easier to accomplish when we don’t have fosters in the house. It won’t be forever, but it will be a while – at least until after the holidays. We’ve taken breaks from fostering before, and there will still be blog posts Monday through Friday, featuring updates on former fosters and you’ll see more of the permanent residents.

(I don’t actually consider the foster break to have started until the last foster is out of the house, so gird yourselves for lots of pictures of Luc next week!)


Watchin’ birds with Uncle Jake.

Frankie and Jake were watching a squirrel, Luc slipped in between them for a better view, and got a smack for his troubles.

I wondered how Luc would handle his first night of freedom, and what he did was sleep with me all night long (though he wandered off at one point to play, then came back). He’s an excellent sleeping companion and didn’t keep me awake at all.

I don’t love the short days this time of the year but I DO love that the foster room and the kitchen get sun for several hours in the morning and early afternoon. Luc enjoys the sun too!

I plugged in a heated bed (that window is Newt’s favorite place to snooze in the fall and winter) and Luc had to check out the cord.


Jake’s loony little face just CRACKS. ME. UP.


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  1. The Downfall of Senator Stanley J. Boogerton….. ’nuff said! Hope y’all are staying warm down there in ‘Bama! We’re in a heat wave up here… it’s ‘gone get to 30 degrees today! Whooo hooo!!!!! (near St. Louis, MO)

  2. I was thinking that maybe there wouldn’t be so many fosters in need at this time of the year. Then I read your “year round in Alabama”. Bleh. You all have my sympathy. I am also seriously IMPRESSED with how many fosters you’ve had. I think my first litter was Nola and her bunch, so I haven’t seen the whole thing by any means.

  3. Hi, I’m sorry to do this to you, because I know you posted about this within the last year, but I cannot find it! What’s the brand of the new litter catching mats you like? My only-pee-outdoors guy has suddenly become an only-pee-indoors guy so we have to upgrade the gear.