10-27-21 Wednesday

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My goodness, that Sammy Samarium is one good looking boy.

I don’t know what was going on over there, but it must’ve been something!

Ruthy’s all “You gonna gimme a belly rub, or what?”

Ozzy the lapkitten.

Sammy really really really likes that tunnel from Aldi.

Nikki’s all “You mind, lady? Tryin’ to take a nap here.”

“It’s time for the snuggles, lady.” (Picture from before Maddy went to Michelle’s house, as that’s her in the background.)


Speaking of good looking buff boys… (That’s permanent resident Newt.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Hooray, hooray, Franco Fondue was adopted and went home last night! He joins new kitty sister Miso, who needed a friend and is delighted by her new brother. (He will now be known as Fondue!) Happy life, sweet boy! ⁠

(I am going to do a video of Franco pictures, but it might take a day or two. I promise I’ll get it posted by the end of the week!)

Just hanging out under the ham-mick, waiting for breakfast.

Sammy’s gone climbin’.

YouTube link
The kittens got a new tunnel from Aldi, and they really like it – especially Sammy!

I love the varying shades of blue and green eyes (they’re still changing – I expect they’ll all end up some shade of green when all is said and done.) I always find it interesting, the way that the eyes of kittens from the same litter change at differing speeds. (Yes, Sammy’s eyes are still blue, but the color around his pupil is lightening. Will they stay blue? We’ll see!)

YouTube link
Ruthy Ruthenium – who was nearly as skittish as Carli – has decided I’m maybe not all that bad, especially when I’m handing out belly rubs.

Barry and Sammy through the tunnel.

Good night innernets. (Ruthy Ruthenium)


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10-27-21 Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. Can someone post a link to the page with the name suggestions? I tried using the search button but it did not come up. Thanks.
    (If there is no link then please consider these ideas:
    Planets: Sunny, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto also include stars or constellations for a larger litter.
    Desserts: Muffin, Cheesecake, Donut, Fritter, Buckle, Cobbler
    Racecar Greats: Andretti, Gordon, Earnhardt, Stewart, Parsons, etc.)

  2. Qs for Friday post:
    Is Ozzy the exception to the typical ornj laid-back surfer dude, or has he just seemed more zoomy because in contrast, his particular set of siblings has been (understandably) more reticent than foster-room-born kittens?

    Has a name formed for the new digs, yet? The Breezy Bunker?

  3. I know you know what you are doing, but please spend extra time with Carli & Ruthy if they are skittish. I have a 3 year old that to this day will not let me hold her. I got her at 8 weeks and she loves me to death. Follows me around the house to the point of almost being annoying. Loves belly rubs and she has to be brushed everyday. If I don’t she can be quite vocal. She just won’t let me pick her up or hold her. Last time she had to go to the vet I was a bloody mess. I wouldn’t trade her for a million dollars, but some people wouldn’t like that.

    • Cats, skittish or friendly, not wanting to be picked up or held is a common enough trait that it has its own meme (such as, “The reason cats are so pissy is that God made them perfect killing machines, but they’re only 8 pounds so people are always picking them up and kissing them .”) I’ve also noticed that it’s more common in female cats – there may be a natural instinct related to motherhood that’s going on, and it’s not as though instincts get spayed. I’m not saying Robyn shouldn’t spend time socializing Carli and Ruthy – I’m sure she does; I’m saying that this particular trait may be entirely out of the range of human influence. Also, I feel for you – my non-skittish 12-year-old girl’s love of being petted most when she’s barely within arm’s reach really makes me miss her cuddly twin brother even more than I already do. She loves being an only cat, though, so it’s the two of us for the duration.

      • It’s just that everyone expects this little cuddly ball of fur and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. A friend of mine fosters and this one little kitten got bounced around four times before it found a home. There’s just no guarantees in life.

        • I hear you – it’s far easier to manage skittish, even semi-feral kittens than the expectations of human beings. If you check out Lem, Delmar, Marion, and Claudette’s story (starting 10/10/2008 on the sidebar calendar), you’ll see an example of just how far Robyn and Fred can bring the most un-socialized kittens along on their way to forever homes. The Elements, especially suspicious Carli and shy Ruthy, truly could not be in a better position than they are right now.

          • I just worry that someone will get a kitten and it not be the cuddly lap cat they expected. I love my cat and worry about her if anything happened to me. She’s special and I wish I could get her to trust me but after 3 years she still keeps her distance to a point. Loves kisses, belly rubs, brushing & hanging out on the bar stool in the kitchen waiting for treats.

            I truly believe in Robyn and love following her. I guess my original post was a heads up to other people that not all kittens are perfect.

            I’ll definitely check out the 2008 posts.