10-11-19 Friday

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In the “…expect Katriane to get involved.” photo, who’s the little poser grinning away next to her?!

That’s our little chatterbug Gabrielle! If there’s a feather teaser (or other toy) waving around, she’s most likely to be chattering at it.


I have recently adopted some lovely marmalade kittens (one boy, one girl). They have been well introduced to their older brothers. For some reason, the kittens do not meow. They chatter, purr, and chirp, but do not meow. They hear their older brothers meow. I’m biased, as I like chatty kitties, but is this something you have run into before?

I’ve had kittens that rarely/never meow – the current bunch of kittens almost never meow, though they chatter and mrrrp from time to time. (I’ve wondered if that will change once Margeaux and Auntie Kat aren’t around to speak for them.) Some kittens just have more to say than others, I guess!


For anyone who thinks the cats lying on those litter mats are uncomfortable, I recently bought two and can confirm that they are actually quite soft. I cannot speak to the preference for lying next to a litter box. I like to think of it as similar to people who hang out by the dump, because eventually you get to see and talk to everyone.

We have a couple of those mats in front of the litter boxes on the back porch, and Archie spent so much time sleeping on one of the mats (which stopped the others from using that litter box because they’re cowed by Archie) that I actually put an extra mat on the other side of the porch, and there’s always someone sleeping on it. (Not always, but usually Archie – so that worked well!) But yet, definitely – those mats are pretty soft and apparently quite comfy!


Regarding the cat doors/flaps… I have a friend who purchased a cat flap that has an RFID chip reader, that keeps the flap locked unless correct microchip shows up at the door. It’s kind of pricey, but almost all microchips work, and the ones that don’t, the company sent collar tags that do operate the flaps. Would certainly cut down on the chances one of the fosters gets out the door.

We considered a cat door like that when we lived in Crooked Acres. It’s certainly worth considering, if fosters getting through the cat door turns into a problem. It hasn’t yet – in fact, they don’t seem to even realize that the doors are there. Hopefully that’ll continue!


Where did you get the pink neon cat signs above the little closet.

Cat Lady Box! I got one in my box and decided I needed a second one. You can see/buy the lights here. I’ve got them plugged into a timer so they come on at 4 pm and go off at 9 pm.


Have feather teaser, will travel!

The girls are outta here today! (They are being adopted together, for those who didn’t already know.) More details in Monday’s post (or you can keep an eye on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter; I plan to post along the way, but make no promises).

“I’m moving along, kid, but I think if you try hard enough, you can get that dang skwerl. I have faith in you!”

Margeaux has a snooze.

Margeaux does some bird-watching with Henri.

Margeaux hangs out with Fleur and Luc.

Katriane fell asleep leaning on the window sill, but woke up when I tried to get a picture.

“Come on up, kid! There’s plenty of room!”

She loves hanging out on the back of Fred’s chair.

Nearly time to go, sweet girl.

One last attempt at the milk bar by Henri.

One last snooze with Beauregard and Josephine.

They’re outta here. I know y’all might be tempted to be sad, but they’re going to a WONDERFUL home where they’ll be very well loved. Margeaux is ready to give up the mothering/milk bar thing, and I promise you they are going to be SO happy. The kittens might miss them for a day, but they’ll be fine. I promise!


Oh, loony Jake. It’s not Thlurrrpsday!


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10-11-19 Friday — 9 Comments

  1. I had two Maine Coon sisters who rarely meowed. Then I adopted a kitten named Lily, who also seldom meowed, maybe because the others didn’t. After the Maine Coons crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Lily became a chatterer!

  2. Margeaux and Katriane have been such amazing kittehs, I truly couldn’t be more thrilled they’re getting a lovely happily ever after together. 😀 Fingers crossed their adorable brood follows suit quickly!!!

  3. I have had lots of cats who don’t really meow. Right now I have three cats, one of whom is a BIG TALKER who’s meowing all the time, and two who have their own smaller sounds. One is chirpy and when she really has something to say she makes a sound like “wa-EEE” so her nickname is Wa-Eee.

  4. Yay! So happy for Auntie Kat and Margeaux. Is this a first where the Mama(s) get adopted before any of the babies are spoken for?

  5. Margeaux is looking forward to not having her brood try to nurse every time she’s not lying on her belly.

  6. “Hang out at the dump”, I got a laugh at that one! Same at a boat launch “hang around & talk about boats” So many hours of my youth wasted while I stood waist high in the water at the ramp and Dad talked, talked and talked……

  7. Sad to see Mamma and Auntie go; but, I am very happy they will be staying together. The picture of Henri trying to locate that last drop of milk is hilarious. Thank you Love and Hisses for all you do for our little wee ones. I think Fleur the Baybee aka Skylar will remain in my memory for some time. Happy Halloween ya’ll!

  8. Great news that they will be staying together! It is sad, but then you smile, thinking of how happy and loved they will now be.

    And we still have pictures of the babies to keep us happy (and Jake!).