10-11-18 Thursday

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Cam and Solenoid. Are those some gorgeous girls, or what?

Gauge (front), Axle (back) and Clutch really like that bed. (Isn’t it adorable? I got it from TJ Maxx!)

Pulley helps Clutch keep the top of his head clean. (That’s Solenoid on the left and Dynamo in the back.)

That is one full scratcher! Same kittens in different positions (and Pulley’s keeping Dynamo’s head clean. She’s such a helpful girl.)

“Keeping them clean is a tough job, but I’m good at it!”

“Lady! Behind you! A ghost! A serial killer! Or nothing at all!”

Sleepy babies (and yes, Clutch has himself some BIG back feet!)

Pulley and Gauge in the Awesome Bed.

“I was sleepin’, and Cam and Solenoid stuffed themselves in here with me and NOW I CAN’T BREATHE.”

They keep that scratcher bowl full!

Dynamo puts the bite on Gauge, who’s TRYIN’ to sleep.

He doesn’t look any too bothered by the bite.


Deputy Frankie checks to make sure Khal isn’t doing anything he shouldn’t, and Khal’s all “I was SLEEPING, d’you MIND?”


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10-11-18 Thursday — 8 Comments

  1. ¡Adorable sugar kitty skulls for Dìa de Muertos, and Jake on that bed would be un poco loony-o!

  2. I bet Dynamos coat is really soft and fun to cuddle.

    You need to do some field research and let us know.

  3. LOL, this cracked me up this morning: “Lady! Behind you! A ghost! A serial killer! Or nothing at all!”