10-12-18 Friday

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Have the kittens met Jake yet?

They haven’t, and they may not – when we have mother cats in residence with their kittens, they tend to take it personally when a strange adult cat hisses at their kittens.


I bet Dynamo’s coat is really soft and fun to cuddle. You need to do some field research and let us know.

She has cottony-soft fur and it’s lovely to cuddle (and lucky for me, she’s starting to be cuddly!)


I’m sure you’ve done this before, but I can’t find it. (hint hint – link on the side bar?) Do you have a list of current favored items? Like, current favorite litter, food brands, scratcher, hammicks, toys, etc.

Here’s that page! There used to be a link in the sidebar, but I must have accidentally removed it at some point – it’s there now (under the “Recommended!” header.)

I didn’t include food on that list, but we feed canned Fancy Feast foods (usually pate). For kibble, the fosters get a mix of Royal Canin Kitten mixed with Authority Adult Chicken & Rice. Our permanent residents get a mix of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe Grain-Free and Merrick Before Grain Chicken Formula Grain-Free.


In the picture “Baff time with mama. (Clutch, I think.)”, what is that white electrical unit in the picture? A air purifier?

Yes! That is a Hamilton Beach air purifier (affiliate link) that does a pretty good job of handling the smell in that room. As you can imagine, one mama and 9 kittens can produce quite the stink. Between the charcoal-added Tidy Cat litter we use and the air purifier, the smell isn’t totally GONE, but it’s much improved.

The kittens love to hop on top of the air purifier and push it into the corner and back out again – they never knock it over onto the floor (I think it’ll turn off if that happens). We’ve had it for 4 years and it’s still going strong. (I keep it turned onto the “whisper clean” setting (I think that’s what it’s called) and it would likely do a better job if I turned it on a higher setting, but I don’t like the noise it makes when it’s turned on high.)


I have a complaint… Khal Drogo is not listed on the compatibility chart! He doesn’t get along with anyone??!! How can that be????

He’s not listed on the compatibility chart because that chart hasn’t been updated in at least a year. There are 4 cats on it that are no longer around, so clearly it’s been a while. I’ll get to it… one of these days! (For the record, he gets along with all the other cats, but they (coughcoughARCHIEcoughcough) don’t necessarily get along with him.


Cruise enjoys that floofy bed.

“Halp! Pulley is BITIN’ me!” (Clutch)

Pulley says “I couldn’t help it, he was tasty!”

Cam is just a little stunner, isn’t she?

Solenoid loves to stick her head through that spring toy and bite the spring on the other side. She’s a little goofball, that one.

Pulley on the scratcher.

Apparently it’s Cryyyyday for Clutch. Wahhh!

Fender shows off his teef.

Fender, helping to keep Clutch clean.

Solenoid snoozin’.


Deputy Frankie inspects Newt’s claw-sharpening technique.


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10-12-18 Friday — 3 Comments

  1. Have you tried the Kirkland’s brand of cat food, I think it is called Natures Domain? By the ingredients, it looks pretty good. And your last years link to Phoenix and Stardust rumbling… they still are at it!

  2. LOL! –> 2005: No, we aren’t adopting him ( <—–LIE)

    p.s. Thank you for the recommended items link!

  3. I could use a little advice from you and/or your readers. I have 2 indoor 8yo cats, one of whom is a diva – very protective of her territory. 3 years ago we moved to this house and I discovered two feral kittens wandering in and out of our yard. I was able to TNR, and began feeding them. Fast forward to tonight, and one of the outside brothers attempted to come inside (where it’s warm). I want so badly to let them in, but I don’t want to cause my diva any undue stress. I know the routine of isolation, site swapping, and all, but is there any way to make it even smoother for my diva?