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Paulie Walnuts, hangin’ with Mama.

“::sniff:sniff:: Mama, your paw smells funny.”

“Melfi, smell this paw. Doesn’t it smell funny?”

“Funny…and tasty!”


Sweet Miss Carmela. Fred walked into the room last night carrying a (loud) bag of litter, and she puffed up and ran sideways. It was adorable. I wish I’d had the camera with me!

Sweet Melfi girl. She’s teaching herself to climb up the leg of my pants every time I go into the room. She has talent!

Teeny Tony. Though with the way he’s eating lately, he’s not going to be teeny for much longer! One of the things I love about kittens this age is how day after day, you can put them in front of a plate of canned food and they sniff it and walk away. And you can put some of it in their mouth, and they spit it out and walk away. Then suddenly, one day you put a little of the food in their mouth and they look like they’ve been zapped, they go all stiff, they swallow what you put in their mouth and they wildly sniff around for more, and then they eat and eat and eat. Tony hit that point in his development on Wednesday, and he hasn’t looked back!

“Mama, I’m already CLEAN!”
“Not clean enough, kid. Not clean enough.”

Oh, I just love his little face!

Whenever Livia hears Fred walk from his office to the bathroom (which is next door to the foster room), she goes over and looks expectantly at the door, waiting for him to come in and say hi.

Silvio needs a kiss.

Melfi shows off her teef.

“I gots teef, too!”

“And I ain’t afraid to use ’em!”

“I also gots claws. And I will mess. You. UP!”

Oh, sweet little innocent Meadow. Tuxies are just the sweetest.


Videos! I’ve got a bunch for you today.

First, this is what Tony sounds like when he meows. He sounds like a squeaky wheel! (Pardon the blurry picture; I am clearly clueless when it comes to things like focusing!)

YouTube link.

Then, Carmela figures out what this whole “playing” thing is about.

YouTube link.

Next, Tony gets all up in Livia’s plate of food and noms while she watches patiently.

YouTube link.

And it’s feeding time at the Milk Bar.

YouTube link.

Lastly, some general playing-time footage.

YouTube link.


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10-12-13 — 19 Comments

  1. Oh, from those first few photos, I cannot help but say to myself – in my best broiklyn accent, “Pawlee Wawlnuts is a momma’s boi” hehe, it’s early on CATURDAY – reason enough for ‘Paws Up Ya’ll’… and, Yes, Tuxies are the sweetest… but Ohhhhh Tony’s little squeak is a’ killin’ me… I LOVE it! Livia is such a good momma!!! Thank you, Robyn! Happy Caturday, ya’ll!

  2. Robyn, have you seen The Third Kittypocalypse — Ashes Everywhere video feed on Livestream? It’s a black/white mama with, like, five tuxedo kittens. Tuxie Overdose! Meadow is killing me – I want to Adopt All The Tuxies!

  3. Livia is so pretty with those yellow eyes! She’s almost like the Egyptian sculptures of the cat goddess Bast.

  4. Is that Livia purring at the end of the milk bar video? Such a good mama! And while I’m partial to Meadow and tuxies in general, that squeaky Tony is just precious.

    • Would you believe I actually moved a lot of toys out of that room before they were mobile? I can’t stop myself from buying toys! This is why I always send bags of toys home with them, otherwise the house would be buried. 🙂

  5. I also have a soft spot for tuxies… I have two myself, and one is very sweet. The other one, though, can be downright hateful when she wants to be. But of course I love her anyway. 🙂 I like to imagine she looked like Meadow as a kitten.

  6. My little ragamuffin is 8 weeks now and still catching up on his growth – he loves his wet food but appears not to know how to eat kibble or drink water. Do I need to do anything about this or will he figure it out? Put a teaspoonful of KMR in his water dish?

    • I wouldn’t be too worried about him not drinking water – as long as it’s available to him, he’ll figure it out eventually. He’s getting the water he needs from the canned food. You can try sprinkling the dry food over the canned food, that might get him interested.

  7. I LOVE that video of Tony and Livia — boy, is he Hoovering that food as fast as he can or WHAT!

    EDIT: also, Tony sounds like my smoke detector when the battery’s running low — that wee chirp! chirp!