1-22-21 Friday

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The difference in Khal from when he showed up to now is amazing! He wouldn’t even let you even LOOK at him!


Khal has come so far from the stray who wouldn’t let you near him. It just warms my heart so much. And the “pet me now, please” routine is adorable!

Listen, when I think about the fact that just before we moved to this house, the only way I could touch Khal was if Fred was sitting between us, I find it utterly amazing that he’s turned into this bossy little brat who complains if I stop petting him before he’s ready. It’s amazing!


Love the bed Canasta is in. Wherever did it come from?

An online auction that Andrea at Celestial Kitties had last fall. She does amazing work!


I think you mentioned that Canasta might have some Siamese in her? Oh, look, so did the earlier commenter! That might explain her “squinty” angular eyes. My one Siamese has eyes like that as well as the lanky limbs, long fingers and toes and larger ears. My other, more traditional (“apple head,” I think) Siamese has rounder eyes and shorter legs. And my former Siamese was cross-eyed! Does Canasta speak/cry like a Siamese?

Canasta’s got the long fingers and toes too (I noticed this morning) – they’re very delicate compared to Charlie’s big ol’ meaty paws.

She actually rarely meows – usually when I first walk into the room (I’m trying to get a video of it, but naturally the times I’m ready to capture it on video she’s not feeling communicative) and every now and then she’ll chirp as she walks toward me, but other than that she’s a really quiet girl. I’m used to fosters who howl at the door, and she does very little of that!


Keeping an eye on Charlie.

And keeping an eye on me.

“What? You’ve never seen a pregnant lady with a pickle before?” (She loves the catnip in that pickle toy!)

“Am the queen.”


Newt is now 15 years old, can you believe that? He was barely more than a kitten when he showed up on our porch with Maxi in 2006. (We thought at first he might be the father to her kittens, but the vet thought he was probably her kitten from a previous litter.) He was terrified the first few times he spent the night inside, and now except for a leisurely turn around the back yard, he’s nearly always inside piled up somewhere warm. He’s now the wise old man of the bunch! Too bad he doesn’t feel the need to share his wisdom with the other cats. Jake, especially, could use some wise words of advice. But nope. Newt’s got better things to do.

He’s doing well for a 15 year old cat – on thyroid medication, but he’s easy to pill (or so I hear – Fred’s in charge of that.) He moves a little more slowly than he used to (he’s on glucosamine, which seems to be helping), but all in all, he’s doing good!


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  1. Yup, I can attest to thyroid meds being a bitch to administer to old man cats.

    So, does Canasta have a crush on Charlie?