11-7-17 Tuesday

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Princess Phoenix went home yesterday!

Hurray hurray!

Not only did Phoenix go home, but we have a prospective adopter coming to meet Stardust and Aurora on Friday, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. The more kitties who are adopted straight from here and don’t have to go to Petsmart at all, the happier I’ll be!


2018 calendars are now available!

All calendars are marked up by $3 each (each calendar will cost $12.99 plus shipping), and all profits will be split between Challenger’s House and Forgotten Felines.

(I’ll put this up at the top of the entries for this week for those who don’t read every day or who read via a reader, and after they’ll be in the sidebar to the right.)

2018 Anderson Kitties Calendar.

2018 Love & Hisses Calendar.


Speaking of Stardust and Aurora possibly being adopted together (fingers crossed!), here’s a picture of the two of them, side by side. They look VERY much alike, but there are definitely differences. Stardust has more of a golden color to her (though you can’t see it as clearly in this picture), Aurora’s eyes are more green than Stardust’s (I would call Stardust’s eyes gold-green), and Stardust’s face is more round, while Aurora’s is more angular. I will say that even though I know which is which, I often have to stop and look closely to determine which kitten I’m kissin’ – so whether they’re adopted from here or go to Petsmart, I’ll definitely put collars on them so everyone will able to tell who’s who.

I actually took this picture when Phoenix was still here, but she was off doing something more important, I guess.

Then Aurora wandered off.

And then Telstar was the last kitten snoozing.

Mercury keeping watch from the doorway.

Hubble from the side.

Telstar and Aurora.

Stardust from the side, with a sniff from Hubble.

Hubble, just hanging out with his tongue out. As you do.

Same tongue, different day.

Phoenix, doing the same. Must run in the family!


Frankie would probably spend all day every day – through the week – hanging out right outside Fred’s office door if we let him. (We don’t – when I close the screen door to let the kittens run around the upstairs, I bring Frankie downstairs with me. He doesn’t care to have kittens all up in his grill.)

Mouth-wise, Frankie is doing well. He’s currently on a steroid pills and Atopica both. We’re nearly at the 30-day mark when Fred will start weaning him off of the steroid in hopes that the Atopica by itself will keep him comfortable. If it doesn’t, then we’ll put him back on the steroid. Fingers crossed that the Atopica works by itself!


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