11-3-17 Friday

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I just read the 2007 entry, wherein Mr. Boogers howls, and Fred tries to get you to pet the dead squirrel (“Stop it, LENNY. I’m not going to PET THE DEAD SQUIRREL.”) and I am going to be silently laughing all day over here and making people wonder what’s wrong with me…good stuff!

That post cracks me up, too. I can still remember, 10 years later, my total HORROR that I’d messed up the time I was supposed to leave and was already late for the appointment!

(And Fred has always tried to get me to touch dead things which, ugh, NO THANKS.)


Is the bed Joe Bob is on heated? At my house, the heated bed is the most popular.

It’s not! When I took that picture, I hadn’t put out the heated beds yet. Since then, I’ve got heated beds all over the house along with an electric throw on the couch, and the couch is always the most popular, followed by the heated beds in the computer room. That bed that Joe Bob is laying on in the picture, however, is on Fred’s desk. There’s never a heated bed there (no easy place to plug one in), but it’s pretty popular because everyone loooves Fred. (Of course, as I typed that I looked up to see that I had Jake in the bed on one side of my desk, and Newt in the other – so I guess my desk is pretty popular too!)


Seeing this progression makes me appreciate how much work goes into your photography, Robyn. I only wonder one thing — do you have an extra hand that waves the feather teaser while you shoot?

If I had an extra hand, it would be PERFECT. I usually have the feather teaser in my left hand, waving it wildly, while I’m taking pictures with my right hand. I bet if I had BOTH hands to hold the camera with, they’d turn out better!


Mercury giving Fred a come-hither look.

“What doon, lady?” inquires Stardust.

Hubble, keeping an eye on me.

“Silence, peasants!”



Don’t stare into the sun, Telstar, you’ll melt your brains!

“Lady, GIMME that feather teaser!”

Hubble and Phoenix, scheming how best to get their paws on that feather teaser.

Little posers.

Pretty, pretty Telstar.

Aurora up close.


Asleep like this, Archie almost looks sweet, doesn’t he?


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