10-3-17 Tuesday

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A couple of people asked yesterday, and yes – there will be both a Love & Hisses calendar and a Permanent Residents calendar for 2018. They won’t be available until early November, though, because I haven’t even started sorting through the pictures from this past year yet. (I always start off the year with such good intentions to sort through pictures at the end of each month and… well, I didn’t do that even once. So that’s a lot of pictures to sort through!)

I’m shooting to have them ready for ordering by the first week in November – definitely by November 6th, even if I have to pull an all-nighter!


Telstar, hanging around.

Telstar and the Paws of Up, Y’all. (And the Open Mouth of Outrage.)

Stardust, appalled. “I am hanging out in my Tiny Basket, you stop biting me, Hubble!”

“MY basket!”

Sweet little Phoenix and those totally green eyes.

Aurora’s keeping an eye on me.

The way she’s balancing on that shelf so she can see what Telstar and Stardust are doing cracks me UP.

Sweet Stardust.

Aurora’s all “No, Stardust, no! There’s no room for you in here!”

Stardust and her favorite mouse.

That’s Aurora on the shelf, biting Telstar. I love the difference in their markings – he’s so much darker than his sisters, with such dark, bold stripes.

“Come back! Where ya going? I thought we were having fun!”

“I hope he doesn’t think he’s coming in here. There’s not enough room!”

“Whatcha mean? There’s PLENTY of room!”


Video! Mercury’s kittens have got the hippity-hops, and they crack me UP.

YouTube link


“How YOU doin’?” inquires Dewey.


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