12-14-18 Friday

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Time to let me know if you want a holiday card, with this year’s featured Shady Cove permanent resident! Go here to Postable, enter your name and address, and your card will be on the way soon. I am happy to send cards to other countries, this is NOT limited to US residents. If you have any problems, drop me an email and I’ll do my best to fix it. I’ll take names and addresses until December 20th.

If you’d like to send me a card as well (never ever required, but always appreciated – I don’t keep track of who does or doesn’t send a card, I promise!), send it to: Robyn Anderson, PO Box 4328, Huntsville, AL 35815 USA.

(PS: If that link doesn’t work for you, or you prefer not to enter your info (I delete your name and address once I’ve downloaded it), you can email me instead.)


My mother has Alzheimer’s and the love of her life (and what gets her up most days) are her beloved ginger girls. The cats are three years old. Obviously Mom isn’t on litter pan duty. And I’m going to be having surgery that will make bending over or lifting off limits for a while. So I am looking for one of those self-cleaning litter pans. My dad and I can share lifting out whatever the output from the pan is. So any suggestions or warnings?

Kay said: Carol, We use the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box. It has trays that you insert into the box and then when it needs changed, you just toss the entire tray and replace it with a new one. With 3 cats (one a BIG boy), we usually changed the tray about every 10 days. We used to use the LitterMaid self cleaning litter box. The box dumps the waste into a container that you then replace with a new container when the container is full. Both of these use “special” litter. Good luck with your surgery.

I had a Litter Robot for a few years back in 2007-2008ish. It worked well for the cats who would use it, but some of them wouldn’t use it, which made having it kind of pointless. Also, I would occasionally walk into the laundry room to find that it had stalled in mid-cycle, which made it even more pointless. Other than that it worked fairly well until it didn’t – it just completely stopped one day, and I decided I’d had enough.

I’ll be interested to hear what y’all have for suggestions, so please chime in!


You KNOW that we NEED to know more about that Santa box. Details, please.

Kitty Cardboard! I don’t remember how I found it (possibly it popped up in my Facebook ads), but not only is it adorable, it’s sturdy and holds up well to the kittens. ALSO, right now for every box sold, they donate one to a kitty in need. Go check it out! (This is not an ad, I paid full price for our box, and I think it’s pretty awesome.)


2019 calendars!

All calendars are marked up by $4 each (each calendar will cost $13.99 plus shipping), and all profits will be split between Challenger’s House and Forgotten Felines.

(There are also links in the sidebar to the right, if you’d rather wait and order another day.)

Click on each picture below to go to that calendar’s page, or see both of them here at Lulu.


Pulley, Dynamo and Clutch, keeping an eye on me (and that feather teaser I was waving around.)

Fender watched the recycling truck go by, and was so excited he had to tell me all about it.

Axle makes the funniest faces.

“Lady. Is it nap time yet?”

“LADY. Are you NUTS?!” The kittens got up on the shelf in the bathroom where all my bottles of lotion are stored, and Cam was appalled that they weren’t arranged by scent.

Clutch in the tub, smacking a bottle top around. As you do.

Bath time for Pulley.

Axle has a think.

As does Pulley.

Tank and Dynamo, tusslin’ in the tub.

There’s a whole lot of attitude going on in this picture.

Sparkly Dynamo.

And sparkly Fender.


I don’t know what Dewey and Archie are discussing here, but it looks like it might turn into a smackdown at any moment… (It didn’t. Archie finally walked away.)


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