6-8-23 Thursday

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More fun with bubbles.

Nick was waiting for more bubbles, not knowing that rogue bubble was over there.

Watchin’ bubbles.

And there goes Jay!

Jay takes a well-deserved break under the Ham-mick.

And then Nick claimed the under-Ham-mick spot for himself. (He is so PRETTY.)

Zelda’s all “Do you MIND?”

Myrtle’s all “LADY. Hurry UP, it’s time for BREAKFAST!”

Daisy’s just chillin’.

I keep TRYING and TRYING to get a shot of the entire Catsby litter (including Daisy) looking at me, and Daisy NEVER LOOKS AT ME WHEN I WANT HER TO.


This boy is just so absolutely adorable. (Rufous)

Starling gives Wren the ol’ chomperoo.

Plovetater’s grabbin’ for the phone. She has a call to make!

Starling’s all “LADY. You gots a bottle up there, or what?”

This mushroom scratcher* is turning out to be perfect for the Nestlings. It gives them something to climb on, but it’s not too high, so they can jump down easily. And they really like to climb onto it and just sit there. Also, it’s adorable!

*It was passed on to us by Forgotten Felines of Huntsville foster Laurie, whose cats wouldn’t use it. You can find it at Amazon. I swear I’ve also seen it at Chewy, but the one I see is more expensive and also out of stock at the moment.

Wren’s all “Is comfy!”


Alice Mo sniffs the offering and decides it’s acceptable. (She has SUCH pretty eyes.)

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I don’t know what those birds are doing, but Daisy is VERY ANNOYED at them!

If you could just somehow manage to relax, Jay.

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Rufous is sound asleep in my hand (I mean, he mostly fits, so why not?) and Starling has a little something to contribute to the conversation.

Starling’s sneaking off for a mid-day nap and clearly feeling guilty about it. There are all those chores to do!

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Myrtle’s husky little voice just kills me, it’s the sweetest. She’s hanging out under the ham-mick with Zelda and Daisy heard me talking, so had to come see what was going on. Sweet girlies!

Zelda and Myrtle are such sweet little posers.

Good night, innernets. (Starling will sleep like an angel on her comfy Rufous bed.)


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