7-17-15 Roundup: Gilda

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I’m on vacation ’til the end of the month, and since I don’t want y’all to go without something to look at every day, I’ve pre written and scheduled posts for the time that I’m gone. By the time we work our way through all the Fools, I’ll be home again!


Last night:

FINALLY. This leaves Lucy at Petsmart. Hopefully this will be her weekend!


Roundup: Gilda.

5 days old.

Sleepy baby.

“I seeeee youuuuu!”

Sweet baby.

Two weeks old.

Hissy girl.

“Really, lady? REALLY?”

4 weeks old.

Gilda and the Floof Suit.

“Mama! I been yellin’ and yellin’ for you!”

Just such a gorgeous little thing!

Why can’t their eyes stay blue forever?

Snuggly girl.

Paws up, y’all!

“I can haz a snuggle?”


Keeping an eye on me.

She’s a tuxie girl/ in a ~~thlurrrp~~y world!

2 months old.

10 weeks old. Sweet little poser.

Showing off her ninja house leopard tuxie spots.


Hiding out (or trying to)!

Getting caught snoopervising.


Gilda videos!

Gilda’s got the hippity-hops:

YouTube link.

Gilda’s got the crazies:

YouTube link.

Gilda the mighty huntress:

YouTube link.


Dennis takes a rest.


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7-17-15 Roundup: Gilda — 12 Comments

  1. Love all the pics of sweet little Gilda. You could put the post or some of the pics on the favorites page and I bet no one would complain. Also- yay for Louis!

  2. WHAT a CHARACTER!!! I have to say, the Dragons are my absolute favorite litter, but the Fools are running an extremely close second. Fingers and toes crossed that Lucy’s Forever Family finds her this weekend! 🙂

  3. Oh Gilda! Such a cute girl. I have a soft spot for tuxies. And I’m so glad that she was the first one adopted! (Given the fact that black kitties are usually the LAST adopted.)

  4. Also, the growling Gilda video cracks me up! I love how the other kittens are like, “Dude, what is YOUR problem?”

  5. The “tummy” picture needs to go in the favorites because I see the two cat profiles on her tummy every time I look at it now. I’m so glad someone pointed that out!

  6. Yay for Louis!

    And indeed let’s hope Lucy’s family will find her this weekend! She is so special –

    As is her daughter Gilda. Hilarity must be ensuing at her new home. She is such a sweetie. I love the belly picture – I saw a vest with two buttons (which are nipples), but now that SC Amy mentions it, I do see the two cats there!