7-17-17 Monday

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I would say Praline and Roux have made themselves at home over these past couple of weeks. Here they are (upper right side of the rug), surrounded by Stefan to their left, and Frankie, Dewey, Dennis and Jake.

Roux getting a bath from Uncle Dewbs. (You may have already seen this on Facebook.)

Uncle Dewbs got a little too vigorous, requiring Roux to smack him, and the look on his face (and the big ol’ bunny foot to hold her back) is cracking me UP.

“She’s little, but she’s sassy!”

Praline in the sun, atop the Chewy box.

Praline and Roux will be headed home later today. We’ve had an awfully good time with them, and I’ve told Fred more than once that it’s a good thing they’ve been adopted, because they are the SWEETEST girls. Praline slept next to my head Saturday night, purring the entire time. Roux will come jump in my lap when I’m sitting at my desk – actually, they both do that from time to time. I am going to miss those sweet girls, but I know they’re going to be spoiled rotten in their forever home.

(I forgot to mention it while it was happening – both girls were spayed last week. I’m going to try to get some pictures of their delightful shaved, spotted bellies before they leave us!)


An accurate representation of Chip. Wahhh!

“‘Scuse me, lady, you making fun of my baby?”
No ma’am. I’d never!

You think someone loves his mama?

I wish I’d gotten all of him in this picture, but this is how his tail is held 99% of the time. He is one HAPPY boy.

Sleepy Mrs. Potts.

Sweet Ressler. I think that boy is going to have seriously gorgeous eyes (I mean, they’re already gorgeous, I think they’re going to get darker and more intense.)

Mrs. Potts would like a kiss.

On the left we have Belle and her nursing babies Chip and Mrs. Potts. On the right, we have Ressler nursing on his blankie. Oh, that boy is trying to kill me with the sweet.

Snoozin’ Lumiere.

Agnes needs a kiss – and luckily, she loooves being kissed. Actually, all these kittens are starting to kind of like being kissed. I’m wearing them down!


Newt’s protecting the fridge. It’s a rough job, but it needs doin’!


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7-17-17 Monday — 18 Comments

  1. Praline and Roux both, visually, blend into the fray, too!

    Ressler, pitifully, looks like the abandoned child in that picture. It makes you want to desperately cuddle him.

    • I know, isn’t he just the most pitiful little thing? It’s funny, though, because he is actually such a confident, playful little guy. He’s suckering us in with the “Woe is me” act. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m hoping that we can still get a shot of Praline’s asymmetrical zipper before she departs.

    Its so fashionable!!

  3. That picture of Dewbs backing up and pushing her with the bunny foot is hilarious!

    • Sometimes I think maybe he’s ACTUALLY sitting there trying to figure out how to open that door. πŸ˜€

  4. Oh, Agnes, you are such a sweet girl!!! This batch of babies are to die for, they are such little dolls.

    Newt certainly does look intimidating, lol. If anything, his handsomeness would make me want to wander over to the fridge more often!

    (2012 – Guest Post by Stompers!!!! My fav post ever!)

  5. Let me pick your brain (and maybe your readers’s brains as well) on this. I saw Nola was adopted today (woohoo!!) What can rescue people do to get more adoptions? Especially adult cats? Our adoptions are so slow right now! I was just talking to one of the other fosters and she was saying how she could never remember it being this slow. Another foster was commenting last week that we put so much effort into the adoption events and we’re lucky to get one adoption. πŸ™ Any thoughts?

    • I’m going to post this question in Friday’s post, because I’d like to get others chiming in, but I will say that I think social media posts are essential. I *just* saw a comment that a reader in Atlanta and her daughter had been following Nola and the Cajuns. Her daughter shared Friday’s FB post about Nola – and the daughter’s friend (who lives locally) is the one who adopted Nola. I was honestly prepared for Nola to be sitting at Petsmart for a good long while (because with kitten season in full swing, I expected her to be overlooked), so to have her adopted relatively quickly (it’s been three weeks) was amazing. That said, I will say that there have been times when adoptions have been at a standstill, and it drives me absolutely nuts.

      • I totally agree. Exposure is everything. You also have to present their personality. Never say “dog” or “cat”. Say their name. Give them a name if they don’t have one. Otherwise, people view them as a lamp. You have to sell THAT baby. Why do people want THAT kitty/puppy out of all the other puppies and kitties in the world?!!! What is amazing about them? What is their story? Also…a big one…GOOD quality pictures. Not blurry ones where the animal looks terrified and tormented, or like they are being held down. A picture where they are looking straight into the lens of the camera is huge. Also, put weight and size of the dog down. Or have something in the picture to measure by. Someone took a great picture of a dog and we thought 35 lbs. Actually, only 8 lbs. It was that deceiving (unintentional, of course). Thus was not a good match for my friend’s crazy big dog. Had I known, I could have been advertising him to the appropriate crowd.

        • Cats – cuddler, lap cat, crazy soft fur, chatty, playful? What is his/her favorite toy? Do they have a funny game they play on their own? (My Emma would do fly-by’s to entice me to chase her around the house.) Favorite snack? Does he/she greet you at the door? Are they a clown? One of mine loves to spoon when we watch TV. Do they love other cats (when properly introduced, of course)? Dogs? Good with children? What touches your heart or make you laugh about them?

        • I often joke that I am going to start standing on the roof top and pitching kittens off of it to get them adopted. People want a cat with a story. The more compelling you can make the story the more you pull them in. The more you pull them in, the longer they are going to think about it, the more they think about it, the more ‘at home’ with the idea they become until the cat already lives in their heart before they even meet them.

          • Thank you guys. I went through and updated their pictures and stories. All have videos as well. Some are cute and funny, others more sad. I am also trying to get more Instagram and Facebook followers and we have done some advertising on those channels as well.

  6. So happy that you got such a great shot of Chip’s “happy” tail. That is the first thing I noticed about him as they were becoming mobile. Well…that and the fact he definitely was the social director for the litter! Adorable!!!