5-29-23 Monday

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Myrtle atop the castle. I was like “Myrtle, please do not jump from the top of the castle.”

She came down one level, and I said “Now you could go down another level or even all the way to the bottom level, there’s no reason to-”


Zelda in the basket of toys, giving me juuust a bit of the ol’ attitude.

Nick’s keeping an eye on me. He is SUCH a pretty boy.

Zelda in the scratcher bowl, bein’ floofy.

They just adore that cat tree.

Looks like Jay has picked up the quizzical tilted-head “Lady, you are so weird” pose, too.

Nick under the Adirondak chair, keeping an eye on me still.


Starling, ever concerned about the availability of bottles.

Yep, I sure did move that scratcher from the upstairs foster room to the kitchen, so the Nestlings would have something to climb on. Wren likes it!

Starling the barnacle.

Plover and Wren, snuggled up for a nap. The size difference is something, isn’t it? (For the record, Wren will be 7 weeks old tomorrow, and Plover (and Starling) turned 5 weeks old yesterday. Rufous turned 6 weeks old yesterday. Yes, I have a Google calendar devoted entirely to keeping track of how old they are.)

Rufous is all “Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.”

Rufous and Starling, doing just that.


Khal, being magnificent. As usual!


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) this weekend.

Daisy and Nick have the fort locked down.

We have a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on with Plover, here.

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Wren meets Uncle Newt , who wants nothin’ to do with any ol’ kitten, and gets her feelings hurt. (You’ll note he only hissed, though. He’d never hurt a kitten, he just doesn’t want them near him.)

It’s a Zelda pie (my favorite!) with a side of bacon!

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Just a short video of the kittens playing. (It’s been a busy week, I haven’t had a chance to make many videos. I will remedy that!)

Rufous is all “Halloooo, innernets, I see you!”

Good night innernets! (Zelda, on the top of the cubby. And in the cubby, from the back: Myrtle, Nick and Jay.)

Starling has discovered the joys of climbing up the front of my shirt and hanging there like a barnacle, where she can be petted and kissed.

Jay approves of the Fancy Sofa.

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Whether it’s Wren climbing up the front of my shirt, Plover and Starling tussling, Plover feeling gooood, or Rufous contemplating the universe, there’s a whole lotta cute in my lap.

Just a reminder that Daisy is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. Read her description (below) and email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire.⁠

Daisy (DOB 1/31/2020) is a black and white polydactyl (extra toes on all 4 paws!) tuxie who was living as part of a colony in Huntsville for at least two years before her feeders brought her to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville. She was scheduled for her spay surgery, but it was determined that she was pregnant, so she went into foster. She had four kittens on March 18th, and has since been a wonderful mother to them. She’s ready to find her own home now, where she can be the baby.⁠

Daisy is a super sweet, friendly girl who will always greet you at the door. She loves to be petted, and really loves to snooze while pressed up against you. (She has not proven to be a lap cat yet, but once her mothering duties are over, she very well might turn out to be one.) Now that her kittens are older, she has finally started to show her playful side. She is VERY fond of catnip toys, likes to bunny-kick stuffed toys, and really likes lightweight toys (like ping pong balls and toy mice) that she can bat around. When she’s not playing, she likes to curl up in a patch of sunlight near a window, and watch the birds flit around. She has been spayed, microchipped, and is up to date on her vaccinations.⁠ (Note: She is fine with other cats.)⁠

We are located in Huntsville, Alabama. Out of area adoptions are allowed, but adopters MUST come here to complete the adoption. ⁠

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I’m tossing toys for the Catsby kittens, and they’re going craaazy (they are particular fans of the ping pong balls, as you can see).

No one pees alone. It is forbidden! (Wren, left, and Rufous)

Good night innernets. (The Nestlings. From back: Rufous, Wren, Starling and Plover)

Jay’s having a hard time getting going this morning. (So am I!)

Oh that sweet, sweet Nick. ❤️

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Starling and Plover go walkabout.

Plover continues to be potato-shaped, and she ain’t sorry.

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It’s bath time for Nick – he might be practically all grown up (he’s 10 weeks old), but mama still insists on keeping him clean.

Daisy’s all “Yeah. I know she’s back there.”

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Plover goes wandering (and has no desire to “come here,” no matter how many times I suggest it!)

Good night innernets. (Rufous & Starling)


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